Manchester United Need Rossi To Replace Ruud

I’m not convinced that Manchester United have the transfer budget to attract another striker to fill Ruud’s boots. Actually, let me rephrase that:

I don’t think there is any striker available on the market (and I include Ibrahimovic, Tevez and Defoe in this list) who can fill in for the man.

Rossi would be delighted to be United’s fourth striker (behind Rooney, Saha and Solskjaer), but that places a lot of pressure on the kid whether he realises it or not. Ferguson knows this, but his hands are tied by budget constraints and his own mistake of signing Park instead of a holding midfielder last year. Right now Manchester United need two midfielders, and because of that need replacing Ruud with another buy could prove impossible.

Manchester United need Rossi to hit the ground running and score them lots of goals, otherwise they will miss Ruud dearly.

Speaking of Ruud, his statements to Real Madrid TV (after he passed the medical this morning) were nothing special – a nod to Real Madrid’s status as the best club in the world and the inevitable ‘I hope to renew my understanding on the pitch with Beckham‘ comment. It would be interesting to see Becks (who doesn’t run anymore) and Ruud (who’s a yard slower than 2003) try to recreate old times.

For now, we wait for Real Madrid to officially announce Ruud’s signing, and for Manchester United to buy Michael Carrick for twice his actual value. What fun – lose your best striker for the last five years cheaply and then buy a 8 mil midfielder for 15 mil…

At least we might keep Ben Foster – actually you’ll do quite well to read that article I just linked to – a September 2005 piece on Foster on a Watford FC website.

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