Lucas Leiva can dominate the Premier League next season

lucas leiva
lucas leiva

Lucas Leiva has been one of Liverpool’s most effective and important players since his return from injury, which kept him out of the opening part of the season.

He is unique at Liverpool because his position in the side is almost guaranteed because he does a job in the team, which no one else can do as effectively, meaning Brendan Rodgers has no reason to drop him.

He’s been playing a holding role in the side, which means he’s never going to get forward and hit the back of the net with frequency but that’s not why he’s in the team.

lucas leiva
Lucas Leiva

He’s in the team to control the tempo and the movement of more creative players and ad a little protection to the back four, by picking off forward runs from the opposition and making interceptions.

He has the ability to dominate the Premier League next season because firstly, he’s guaranteed to start in every game if he can maintain his form right up to the end of the season.

Lucas allows the creative players in the side to give in to their natural attacking instincts, because he mops up and does all of the dirty work, linking the defence with the midfield, the midfield with the attack.

Physically he’s looking fitter than he ever has been, which gives him the best chance of being able to maintain the consistency he’s showing over a long period of time.

He’s also holding a role at the moment which several of the other top sides seem to be missing, which gives him the best chance of being the best player in the role he plays next season.

Arsenal and Manchester United are examples of two sides that are going to be looking for similar players to Lucas Leiva in the summer transfer window, the sort of player who holds a midfield together and fills in when anyone is out of position.

He will also enjoy a greater role of responsibility and leadership next season, which is something which should inspire him to lead by example and produce even more efficient and productive performances.

The absence of Jamie Carragher means Liverpool are missing one of their key experienced leaders and someone they have always been able to rely on, to drag the side through the bleakest of situations.

Lucas, along with players like Pepe Reina, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, will be looked to by the majority of younger players in the team to do this role when times get tough in the next campaign.

If he improves his stats and goals ratio from this season for next year, he will be almost the complete midfielder and he shouldn’t have any problems getting into the mix of players dominating the Premier League.

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