LOOK: Tom Brady Enjoying Retirement On Beach With Gronk, Edelman

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rsz fst ryuayaiirub

Tom Brady retired for the second time in as many years back in early February, and he is apparently already enjoying the free (and single) life with some of his old buddies.

In an Instagram post that featured no geotag, Brady showed the kinds of things he is up to these days. The 10-slide post showed pictures of him on vacation in some unknown tropical location, enjoying some beach time with former teammates and his children.

Tom Brady Has Fun In The Sun With Old Buddies, Family

The first couple of photos are of Brady shirtless on the beach, playing some catch in the sun and the sand. In one of them, he stands next to his son, and in the other, he seems to be avoiding some front side pressure from a blitzing Blaine Gabbert.

After some photo slides of his children, there looks to be a reunion of some of the players from Brady’s days with the New England Patriots.

There is a picture of Rob Gronkowski riding some kind of hand held Seadoo while wearing snorkeling goggles and with his swimming trunks coming down his behind, in true Gronk fashion.

There are also photos of some of Tom Brady’s favorite wide receivers from his later days in New England. In one of them, Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman enjoy a pound with their off hands while holding drinks in the other as a yacht passes in the background.

And some kind of epic game of catch or pickup football took place on the beach as well, evidences by a picture of Edelman going up for a catch against the defending Amendola, all while Gronkowski gives chase.

With what happened last year and knowing about his undying love for the game of football, there will always be the belief in the back of our heads that Tom Brady could return to the game at some point. But by the look of how his retirement is going so far, spending his days with his toes in the sand instead of getting hit by 325-pound linemen might be something he doesn’t come back from.

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