Liverpool manager confirms Javier Mascherano wants to leave the club

Liverpool coach Roy Hudgson has confirmed that Javier Mascherano has made it “perfectly clear” that he wants to leave the club. The Argentine has been strongly linked with a move to treble winners Inter Milan to link up with former Reds coach Rafa Benitez.

Speaking at the press conference, Hudgson said that Macherano wishes to leave, but there is still a glimmer of hope of keeping him at Anfield:

“Yes he wants to leave the club, he’s made that perfectly clear.”

“I think he wanted to leave a year ago and he wants to leave now as well. But, he is contracted to Liverpool club so whether he leaves will be our decision.”

“At the moment he’s a Liverpool player, he’ll be expected to be a Liverpool player and will be treated like a Liverpool player until such a day arrives when he no longer is.”

“The mere fact a player is a little bit unhappy with his situation and would prefer to leave doesn’t necessarily mean that he will.”

“Yes it disappoints me but it’s not unusual. In every football club all through the Premier League and the world there’ll be players in the team who want to leave.”

“Some are allowed to, some are not allowed to. That’s the situation.”

“Mascherano is a Liverpool player and has a two-year contract. I expect him to honor that contract until the day comes when the club decide to accept an offer for his services.”

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