Leeds United fans react to Elland Road extension idea

Elland Road
Elland Road

Elland Road has been the spiritual home for Leeds United since their formation in 1919 and it has a capacity of 38,000 people.

Leeds United are the only football club in the city, and the Whites fans are considered as one of the most passionate fans in the entire country.

As Leeds are edging closer to securing promotion to the Premier League, some have touted the need for a bigger stadium to hold more fans. Leeds have a huge fan following, and surely, a 50,000 seater stadium would be brilliant for the club and the fans.

Premier League clubs like Tottenham Hotspur have built an impressive stadium last year over White Hart Lane. They now have a capacity of 62,000 making it one of the largest football stadiums in the country.

However, Leeds can take the approach of Liverpool who instead of constructing a new stadium, have found a way to expand the Anfield stadium.

Phil Hay of the Athletic, who has close links with the club, has suggested on Twitter that he will miss the ‘rough edge’ of Elland Road if ever Leeds decide to move into new ground.

Many Leeds fans have responded to his tweet, saying the club should consider a way to expand as Elland Road has been the soul of the club and the city, and that it would be hard to replicate the atmosphere it generates.


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