Korea DPR has hired football fans?

As I was sitting at home working, I thought I would watch the Portugal vs Korea DPR game just for the heck of it. Apart from the boring performances both teams tried so hard to put up, it wasn’t long before I was yawning like I haven’t slept in days. The first half goal from Raul Mierelles didn’t help either.

Right before the second half kicked off, the commentator was talking about the fans present at the stadium. He said blah blah blah and then he said something that caught my attention.

He said that the Korean government has hired 300 Chinese people (not sure about the number) who will act like Korean fans and they are told to react by a person standing in front of them like an orchestrator. He did mention that it is just a rumor.

Since Korea wears a cloak of secrecy, it is very easy to cook up rumors about them and we all know Kim Jong-Il or Kim Jong-Hun will not care to respond.

There have been stories that Kim Jong-Il will only allow the World Cup to be aired in Korea if their team performs well. If they don’t, he will have them hanged in their hotel rooms and burn the corpses… Just kidding, Kim!

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