Klay Thompson Speaks On His Future With The Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors will have to make a tough roster decision for the second straight off-season. After choosing to re-sign Draymond Green and jettison Jordan Poole to the Wizards last year, they’ll have to decide on paying another one of their core pieces that helped them win four championships, as Klay Thompson is set to hit free agency during the coming summer.

Thompson Speaks On His Future With The Warriors

There has been plenty of speculation about the desires of each side, and Thompson shared some of his thoughts when he appeared on Green’s podcast this past weekend.

During the discussion between the teammates, Green posed a question to Thompson about his upcoming free agency, asking him what was important to him as he headed for unknown territory:

I just can’t believe it’s here. In your mid-20’s, you think you’re going to play forever really. I was actually struggling with that a lot at the beginning of this year, because of the unknown. I might have let contract situations or playing time… making up a lot of excuses rather than just appreciating what is in front of me…I’m out here ballin’… When it comes to free agency in July, I just gotta keep that in mind. Yes, I want to re-sign with the Dubs. But I also have to prioritize my mental health and lay out what is important to me at this point in my career.

It was reported that the Warriors offered a two-year, $48 million deal to Thompson before the current season, though the two sides appeared to be far apart in contract negotiations.

Thompson Still Has Plenty Left In The Tank

There will be plenty of interest in Klay Thompson on the open market, should the Warriors allow him to hit free agency. He is certainly not the 3-and-D player that he once was, but his performances in certain situations this year has done plenty to prove that he still has something left in the tank. His numbers are down across the board, but he is still capable of putting up 25–30 points on any given night due to his still-elite shooting ability.

It is thought that the Orlando Magic will be one of the teams that pursues Thompson most heavily should he hit the open market.

The Warriors are currently in the 10th spot in the Western Conference with four games left to play. They are 1.5 games behind the Los Angeles Lakers for the 9th spot, and the two will meet Tuesday night in a massively important game for both sides.

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