JUST IN: NFL Schedule Will Be Released This Thursday

rsz 230329110454 nfl shield logo file 2023 restricted
rsz 230329110454 nfl shield logo file 2023 restricted

In further proof that there is no “true” off-season for the NFL, there is another event to watch for this week.

We are just a week and some change removed from the NFL Draft, the yearly occasion that brings NFL fans back together a couple of months after the Super Bowl. We face a long summer of a slow sports season before teams report for training camps in late July, but not before the NFL can grab one last headline that will rope in our interest.

NFL Will Release Schedule For 2023-24 Season This Thursday

There were reports that the process was being delayed, but the NFL announced on Monday afternoon that the schedule for the 2023-24 season has been completed, and will be released this Thursday, May 11th.

It is a time of excitement for both players and fans alike. We have known which teams will play each other since the conclusion of the regular season, but until the official schedule release, we are unsure of when the games will take place. Fans will be circling big games and planning trips to see their teams. Those of us who work evenings will want to know which Mondays and Thursdays to take off from work.

There will be a handful of “leaks” to look forward to between now and Thursday evening. The list of international games will be released on Wednesday, as will the details of the first ever “Black Friday” game put on by Amazon. There will also be select individual games that will be announced on both Wednesday and Thursday morning.

The release itself is made into a fun and entertaining event. There will be schedule release shows broadcast on multiple networks including NFL Network and ESPN, and should get started around 8PM Eastern.

The social media managers for teams around the league are gearing up for the event, as it has become something of a competition for who can produce the best contest regarding the schedule. ESPN’s Mina Kimes did an interesting piece on the process.

There are new stipulations to the schedule this year, as well. Games no longer “belong” to certain networks and all are considered “free agents”, and there are no longer guarantees of every team getting a prime time appearance.

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