Jordan Poole Still Has Love For Steph Curry And Klay Thompson

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The Golden State Warriors caused a shakeup in the NBA a couple of weeks ago when they traded Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards. They received Chris Paul in exchange, a move that might make the team stronger in the short-term. But they punted on what they envisioned for the future by trading Poole, but it was a move that seemingly had to be made.

Jordan Poole Will Remain Friends With Curry, Thompson

We all know the story by now. Poole signed a hefty contract extension last off-season, one that would tie him to Golden State for another four years and solidifying himself as one of the future pieces of the franchise. But things took a turn before the season even began with the practice incident between him and Draymond Green.

The now infamous sucker punch has been pointed to as one of the reasons for the Warriors’ failure to repeat in 2023 or even make it past the second round. Team chemistry was adversely affected throughout the season, as there were reported rifts between the veterans on the team and the young guys at the back end of the rotation.

Poole struggled in the playoffs as well. Outside of a solid game or two, he shot abysmally from the field in the post season, and was ultimately a disappointment on the biggest stage. Golden State was forced to make a decision, given that Green was hitting free agency and Poole was locked in to a long-term deal.

Curry Thanked Poole Last Week For His Contributions

So the trade was made, Green was re-signed, and the Warriors mortgaged some of their future for a win-now player in Chris Paul.

While there will likely forever be a rift between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green, there won’t be with his other teammates:

“Those are the two greatest shooters of all time in my opinion…Also built a relationship to where I can ask them, I can text Steph, I can text Klay. I can call them and just have a conversation. So, that doesn’t leave that doesn’t go anywhere.”

Curry had similar sentiments when addressing the situation. He put out a short video last week publicly thanking Poole for his contributions to the Warriors, and it seemed like the two are willing to remain as close friends. And the same apparently goes for Klay Thompson as well.

Poole did not mention Green at all. Though, he did finish off the quote by saying that he knows the plays that Golden State likes to run, which would give him a competitive advantage.

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