Jamie Carragher delivers verdict Leeds United and Fulham

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

Former Liverpool defender turned popular football pundit Jamie Carragher has delivered his verdict on whether Leeds and West Bromwich Albion should be promoted, if the season is not completed.

The Sky Sports pundit has rubbished the suggestion of making a 22 team Premier League as it could result in people getting sued. Many have suggested that there would be no relegation this season and that Leeds and West Brom should be promoted to the Premier League if the season is declared null and void due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Leeds United are currently top of the Championship table, while West Bromwich Albion are just one point behind them. Basically, Carragher is suggesting that this current football season should finish under any circumstance.

Football in England has been postponed due to global health pandemic and will continue to be halted until the end of the next month.

Carragher has rightly pointed out that if Leeds and West Brom are allowed to go up, it would be really harsh on teams like Fulham who are seven points behind the Yorkshire club with nine games left to play.

He also pointed out that there’s no guarantee that Leeds would secure promotion, given how Marcelo Bielsa’s side blew up the lead from a similar position last season.

At the same time Carragher feels that it would be really harsh on Leeds and West Brom if the season is declared null and void, as they should be given the chance to finish the season and earn promotion.

“There was talk of the top two in the Championship going into the Premier League and then everyone’s happy and there are no relegations,” Carragher told The Debate. “Well, how would Fulham feel? I think they are only five or six points behind Leeds and West Brom.

“Leeds blew it last year when they were in the same position. There are so many questions really around if you stop the league now and we all take our positions. I just think the Premier League, the FA, or whoever it maybe there will be owners getting involved. People will be getting sued left, right and centre,

“I just think it’s going to be an absolute mess throughout the leagues [if you go with 22 Premier League and no relegations throughout the divisions] – if a league stops it doesn’t feel right… If Leeds don’t get up this season that could stop them for the next four, five years and maybe they lose their manager. Who knows?”

The Premier League has decided that they will complete the season, no matter what, and it is a great message for the rest of the teams in lower leagues.

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