Is it time Arsene Wenger moved on?


Is it time Arsene Wenger moved on?

Arsene Wenger has hinted that he will seriously consider his Arsenal future at the end of the season after a severe run of poor form in the Premier League.

Arsenal were soundly beaten by Swansea over the weekend as they were the inferior side in a 2-0 score line at the Emirates. It was a defeat that leaves Arsenal tenth in the table and clutching at straws in terms of the rest of the season.

Wenger’s contract at the club is due to expire at the end of next season which means he could be given one more season to try and get some silverware into the club for the first time since 2005.

Whatever happens, Arsenal have to be very careful, if Wenger does decide to move on then the club have to resist natural urges during the fallout period which could ultimately turn out to be terrible decisions.

The perfect example of this is when Liverpool signed Andy Carroll from Newcastle United for £35 million once they lost the services of Fernando Torres and Rafael Benitez. With the benefit of reflection, the only winners from that situation were Newcastle.

Arsenal fans are losing their patience because Wenger has asked them to trust him for the last few seasons in the respect of the team’s success. However, nothing seems to have changed as Arsenal look set for another season inferior to Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

It will also be very frustrating for Arsenal fans who are being told that the club is in a brilliant financial position which will benefit the club over the next few years. Arsenal fans are paying more than they ever have done to watch the team play and they are seeing nothing for their cash.

This all raises the question of who could actually do a better job than Wenger? Many fans will forget the incredible standard of football that Wenger got his Arsenal side playing during their glory years in the early 2000s.

If he leaves the club then unless they think seriously about the person they appoint in his place, the club will only spiral downwards which would completely eradicate all of the good work the club has been doing to get into their current financial position.

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