Funny cartoon on Manchester United

The subject of football humour is very sensitive – football fans clash on the slightest of insults, and as a result most football jokes turn into senseless arguments.

A crude Freudian analysis may pin this one up as a battle to prove who is the bigger dick, but the reality is that football fans are overly defensive and unbelievably critical (this applies to yours truly as well).

Over the past few months I’ve become quite accustomed to a backlash from fans whenever I’ve said something negative about their clubs. It comes to the point where I cannot criticise my own club, Manchester United, without receiving some sort of objections from Manchester United fans telling me that I haven’t watched football and that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Yesterday I invited Soccerlens readers to send in their own ‘negative’ views on Manchester United and promised to publish the best of them – the only caveat being that the writing had to remain civil. While the response to that is currently lukewarm, I did manage to find something quite funny regarding Manchester United yesterday.

Please watch this:

Manchester United Cartoon

Enjoy, and lighten up.

I can already predict the sort of responses I will get – that I’m childish to find this funny, that it wasn’t funny at all, that Scholes is fine, that Ronaldo and Rooney are buddies…etc etc. Like I said, lighten up. Smile if you like it, move along if you don’t. Say something only if there’s a point to it other than telling me that this is not funny. Thank you

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