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You are probably thinking John Terry or Ashley Cole or maybe even Ronaldinho, Robinho and Adriano… Then Cristiano Ronaldo might also come to mind and of the less talked about players, Filippo Inzaghi, Franceco Coco and Christian Vieri. All of these footballers of today are so much obsessed with sex and women, don’t you think?

Yes, but is it just this lot of players? Were the players of yesterday so different? AskMen.com compiled a list of top ten of such “extracurricular” footballers. Some of the greats of the past even outshine today’s best.

The likes of George Best and Garrincha also find themselves in the list. Take a look.

Point being, footballers have always had money to spare and they have spent it well. Flashy cars and mansions can’t completely please a man until he has a hot girl on his arms. And with their obvious charms and good looks they can pretty much take the prettiest girls in town home.

When you have hundreds of thousands of girls lusting over you, there has got to be a few who would die to go all the way with you (not YOU you. Just generally… you, a person and in this case, a footballer).

After all, it’s a known fact that with fame and money come women like Melissa Satta, Sara Varone, Belen Rodriguez, Abigail Clancy, Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Sylvie van der Vaart, Asdis Ran and I can go on forever with these hot WAGs. And sometimes you end up with women like Nuria Bermudez and Rebecca Loos.

Lets take a look at some of the most sexually active players of our generation:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Young, extremely successful and apparently very charming for the ladies.

    He has had a number of very hot models, the latest being Irina Shayk. His most popular antics came when he went to United States and met Paris Hilton and probably Kim Kardashian. Letizia Felippi, Merche Romero and Nereida Gallardo have all seen what CR7 is all about.

    Too bad Portugal had to be knocked out for the greater good.

  • Ronaldo

    The Brazilian striker has managed to score at every opportunity, literally.

    Raica Oliviera, Daniela Cicarelli, Milene Domingues, and Livia Lemos have all been with Ronaldo one way or another. But his most ‘renowned’ scandal came when he was married to Maria Beatriz Antony. Somehow, he ended up in a hotel room with three transvestites he called the police on them. There was a bit of cocaine somewhere as well. Maria left him after the scandal.

  • Franck Ribery

    The French ace became one of the most lethal attackers after the 2006 World Cup and then he shagged a minor.

    It is kind of harsh to only mention his name for that scandal because there were other French national players involved as well. Not as famous as him, but that doesn’t make them any less of a culprit. The upside, for Ribery at least, is that they didn’t know that the girl in question, Zahia Dehar, was a minor.

    Franck is married to Wahiba Ribery, the woman he converted to Islam for.

These are the top three scandalous/womanizing footballers of our time. Compare them with the top ten list of AskMen.com and you will see that it has always been the case. Just because they are perfect football players, it does not make them perfect human beings.