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Fifa11 We are 11 Episode 1



EA Sports is doing a series of mini-episodes to promote its new game, FIFA11. The episodes are titled “We are 11” and features some of the biggest football fans around the world, explaining why they love their teams and what they’ve done. The first is about Saddam Maake, a South African supporter.

“EA SPORTS FIFA SOCCER 11 and VBS.TV bring you to Johannesburg, South Africa to get the real story on the man who claims to have invented the vuvuzela.

In this first episode of the eleven-part “We Are 11″ series, we introduce you to a local Johannesburg legend, Saddam Maake. Wearing giant neon yellow sunglasses, he’ll take you on a tour of his house, his shrine to all things Bafana Bafana & Kaiser Chiefs FC.”

Fifa11 We are 11 Episode 1
Fifa11 We are 11 Episode 1

And here’s the video:

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