FIFA generated more revenue from video games than football in 2020


FIFA have managed to generate more revenue from video games than football, according to the governing body’s newly published 2020 financial statements.

The coronavirus pandemic massively affected physical football and ended up costing FIFA financially. Several footballing events had to be cancelled to stop the spread of the virus, which impacted revenues from matchday income, television money and sponsorship money for showpiece events.

However, the gaming industry continued to thrive despite the pandemic, and FIFA managed to rake in £114.4 million from licensing rights for video games.

Football video games have gained in popularity over the years, and the revenues are unlikely to dry up anytime soon.

Judging by the current popularity and trends, FIFA will continue to earn massive sums of money from video game licencing, and the numbers are likely to increase in future.

Games like FIFA 21 and Football Manager are extremely popular among football fans.

FIFA will bid to balance their books with extra revenue during the 2022 World Cup and the upcoming Euros. Fans returning to stadiums will also boost the governing body and football clubs financially.

Regarding the revenue from video gaming, FIFA said (via Inside the Games): “Besides the FIFA eClub World Cup, the FIFA eChallenger Series and the FIFA eNations StayAndPlay Friendlies, FIFA also successfully launched the FIFA eContinental Cup.

“In addition, 2020 saw the introduction of FIFAe, a new esports tournament brand designed to create a substantial stage for players, clubs and nations.”

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