Fifa president Gianni Infantino demands more clarity in transfer system

Gianni Infantino
Gianni Infantino
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Gianni Infantino, the Fifa president, says that the football governing body must act to bring more transparency in the current transfer system.

Every year, top clubs of major football leagues across the world engage in heavy transfer dealings during the transfer windows. And there is a common perception that the dealings aren’t conducted in a proper way.

Most of the dealings are undisclosed, while no one really knows how much money is being split between the clubs, players, and agents. The Fifa president was frank and bold enough to admit that there is “something strange” happening with the transfers.

Infantino told Reuters:

Whether it’s true or not, the perception often is that there is something strange happening with these transfers. […] It is important if you move a few billion dollars in one or two months, you must make sure that happens in a clean way.

Although Fifa regulates transfers between clubs in different countries under rules based on the 2001 agreement with the European Commission, Infantino believes the time has come to revise the rule and bring in more transparency and clarity to the system.

Another important agenda on Infantino’s to-do list is to put an end to the “hoarding” that allows top clubs to have dozens of players out on loan. Big clubs for instance, Chelsea, who have 37 players out on loan, buy top talents from Europe’s smaller leagues at a very young age. In most cases, these players end up playing elsewhere on loan and hardly get the chance to represent their parent club.

Infantino added:

I believe it is not right but it is permitted. It doesn’t feel right, for a club to just hoard the best young players and then to park them left and right, it’s not good for the development of the player, it’s not good for the club itself.“

The Swiss lawyer has elaborated further on his suggestion of expanding the World Cup to 48 teams from 32, saying Fifa plans to hold a round of playoff matches before the proper tournament gets underway. More matches would mean it would create more excitement for fans, broadcasters and sponsors.

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