Does Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Deserve Justin Jefferson-Level Money?

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Justin Jefferson became the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history on Monday morning when the Minnesota Vikings inked the star wide receiver to a four-year extension worth $140 million. He is one of a handful of star pass catchers who have inked new contracts during the current off-season, but CeeDee Lamb is still waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to make their move on his upcoming pay day.

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Could Be Next For A Payday

And based on the numbers, Lamb should be in the conversation with Jefferson when it comes to highest paid players at the position.

Jefferson has come on as the league’s premier wide receiver, considered by many to be the best in the NFL. He has put up some of the best numbers of any pass catcher since being drafted back in 2020, and may end up being worth every penny of the new deal that he received.

His draft mate might have an argument when it comes to overall production and how much his services are ultimately worth.

During that 2020 selection process, there were actually four wide receivers selected before the Vikings picked Jefferson at #22. One of them was Lamb, who the Cowboys selected with the 17th pick, with the others being Henry Ruggs (12), Jerry Jeudy (15) and Jalen Reagor (21).

None of the players picked before Jefferson has had the type of impact that he has on Minnesota, but Lamb is darn close.

Lamb Has Similar Numbers To Jefferson In 4 Seasons

Both guys have played four seasons in the NFL, and have been named to three Pro Bowls apiece. When it comes to catches and touchdowns, Lamb actually has the edge over Jefferson, with 3 extra catches and 4 more scores. But the edge in yardage goes to the former LSU product, as Jefferson has 5,899 career yards in comparison to Lamb’s 5,145.

Some of the difference in the catch and touchdown numbers could very well be due to the time that Jefferson missed last year. He was able to amass over 1,000 receiving yards despite playing in just ten games in 2024, and has now played in 6 fewer games than Lamb has in his career.

The Cowboys have been waiting when it comes to giving their star wide receiver an extension, but the price tag continues to grow with each high profile wide receiver that received a new deal.

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