Colts Owner Tweets About Adding Will Levis To Anthony Richardson

rsz 230428093718 02 will levis nfl draft day one
rsz 230428093718 02 will levis nfl draft day one

Arguably the biggest story of the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft was the fall down the board and long wait in the “green room” for Will Levis. Rivaling that saga was the surprise of the Indianapolis Colts selecting quarterback Anthony Richardson with the 4th overall pick.

According to the owner of the Colts himself, there is the possibility of his team drafting Levis on Day 2 to add to their regime.

Jim Irsay Tweets About Adding Will Levis To Anthony Richardson

Jim Irsay fired off a tweet on Friday afternoon that was something of a poll for Colts fans, asking if they’d take Levis to pair with Richardson. “…And go Young-Montana for Franchise?”, is how Irsay finished off the post.

The Colts hold the 4th pick in the second round of the draft, which begins this evening. They will be in prime position to nab one of the best Day 2 players available, though it would be unheard of to think that they’d go with two pass throwers with their first two picks. Irsay has been known to say some wild things before, and he is likely just conjuring up some excitement for the day’s action.

His analogy between Montana and Young doesn’t exactly work, either. Yes, the 49ers had two able quarterbacks on their roster at once, but the two were drafted 6 years apart. Young was acquired via trade, and while he did show plenty of promise in his time as a backup, he remained behind Montana for four seasons.

Levis Has Over/Under Of 40.5 Overall

It is very likely that Levis will be taken at some point in the second round, and it could be sooner than we think. There are reports that the teams at the top of today’s board have received phone calls from other teams inquiring about the availability of the picks, and Levis could be one of the guys that is targeted.

A one-day proposition bet was released at, in which you could wager on how long Will Levis remains on the board in the second round. The over/under was listed at 40.5.

The second round and third rounds will take place tonight, starting at 7PM Eastern. Levis will not be in attendance after leaving Kansas City after a disappointing first day.

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