Chiefs’ Andy Reid is expected to become the NFL’s highest-paid head coach

Andy Reid Chiefs pic
Andy Reid Chiefs pic

There is no question who the best team in the NFL is. Kansas City is far and away #1 and there’s no argument to be made. No matter who you’re a fan of, you have to respect the dynasty the Chiefs have built. For the third time in the last five seasons, Kansas City won the Super Bowl. 

The elite QB/head coach duo of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are the best in the business. Reid is one of the best play callers in the league and he happens to have the best QB in the NFL. That makes for a lethal combination. With the success they’ve had in the postseason, Kansas City and Andy Reid are expected to have talks about a new deal. Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported his extension is expected to make him the highest-paid head coach in the NFL.

Kansas City has zero intention of letting go of Andy Reid

For the first time since the ’03-’04 Patriots, a team has finally won back-to-back championships. Fitting that it was Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes who got the job done. Tom Pelissero reported that it was strange that Reid was not extended after their Super Bowl win in 2022. His new extension will be even richer after another Super Bowl win in 2023. Now, Andy Reid is in line to become the NFL’s highest-paid head coach.

Along with Reid, Chiefs’ GM Brett Veach is expected to receive an extension this offseason as well. Veach is reportedly one of the lowest-paid GMs in all of the NFL. That is going to change after his new deal is signed with the Chiefs. Head coach contracts are not public information. However, Andy Reid is estimated to be the 8th highest-paid head coach in the league. He’ll jump up to #1 once he inks his new contract with Kansas City. At 65, Reid has no plan on returning and is looking to make it a three-peat with the Chiefs.

There is no sign of Andy Reid slowing down and the Chiefs are still the team everyone strives to be. Kansas City drafts well and has signed the right players through free agency. That’s why they are three-time Super Bowl champions in the last five postseasons. Will anyone be able to stop the Chiefs in 2024? Or are they on their way to the first three-peat in the Super Bowl era?

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