Chelsea News Roundup – Terry, Gallas, Crespo, Lampard, Ashley Cole

A bit of Chelsea-flavoured news for you today.

John Terry is hoping that the ‘Gallas’ situation will resolve itself internally within the club, and wouldn’t be dragged out further in public. While the Chelsea captain did not demand an apology (as misleading headlines suggested), he did however state that Gallas owed them an explanation.

But while Terry was playing good cop, Gallas has already taken his transfer demands to a new low by appearing on French TV and publicly saying that Chelsea are denying him the opportunity to leave the club. Whatever his motives may be, Gallas is starting to sound like a spoilt, arrogant brat. Whether he’s being brainwashed by his agent (Cole v Arsenal) or whatever, this is an ugly situation and has been made worse by Crespo’s public statements of wanting to leave as well.

I’m not a big fan of Chelsea, but maybe they can convince both Crespo and Gallas (and any other player who has thoughts of leaving) to shut up and start training with the club. Chelsea are still waiting for formal bids for both players – Milan haven’t bid for either, while the Arsenal rumours are just that – rumours.

All this talk about Chelsea is making me sick…or maybe it was the ‘Arsenal’ mention

Lampard is the third English player this summer to have his autobiography serialised in the papers, and fittingly, his is the most idiotic of them all. If it wasn’t enough that he started hating West Ham because they applauded him off the pitch after he got injured, he’s also told us about how bad the financial situation at Chelsea was towards the end of 2002/2003 (right before Abramovich came) and in the latest release, he’s told us of how upset he gets when he’s left out of the starting lineup and has to ring up his girlfriend to get over the trauma.

While we often forget that these players are young and often of our own age, there’s also this tendency to expect them to be better than us – as if because they are good at football they might actually have something more than a lobotomized brain.

Sadly, that’s not the case. We’ve seen it with Lampard, we’ve seen it with Gallas, we’ve seen it with Ashley Cole.

Speaking of the Arsenal fullback, he seems to be close to a move (finally), pending the small matter of haggling over his transfer fee. Won’t be 20 million plus, because Chelsea won’t pay that sort of money. Won’t be in exchange for Gallas, because that is a ridiculous rumour out of fantasy football.

Not fun times for Jose Mourinho, who not only has to fit 12-14 big players into his starting 11 (including a midfield cast that boasts of Makelele, Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Robben, Joe Cole and SWP) but he also has to deal with this sort of crap everyday. Too many superstars…

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