Castrol Challenge Ronaldo

Do you have what it takes to compete against the world’s greatest footballer? Are you a speed demon or are you a step-over star?

Your chance to stand up and prove yourself is here. Castrol, the lubricant company and sponsor of 2010 FIFA World Cup, is laying down the guantlet to football fans all over the globe this week by launching a worldwide search to find a challenger to rival Castrol global ambassador, Cristiano Ronaldo, at his game.

Castrol is looking for one extremely lucky football fan to travel to madrid to meet Ronaldo at a spectacular night-time diaplay of the world’s best footballer’s skills. The Challenge Ronaldo winner will line up against the Real Madrid and Portugal star and go head to head in a unique test of speed, strength and agility.

Challengers have four weeks to enter the global competition, which will run online at Challenge Ronaldo until the 12th March, 2010.

Here are a few insight on Ronaldo’s winning performances:

  • He maintains his physique by lifting in excess of 20 tonnes during a full weight training session – not at once though.
  • When he launches one of his trademark free kicks, the goal keeper will face a ball accelerating at a rate of 32 meters per second, compared to the speed of a Formula 1 car which travels at 4.6 metres per second.
  • He makes more turns and changes of directions in one game than a Formula 1 car competing in the Silverstone Grand Prix race.
  • His speed off the mark is well known – no wonder when he sprints 900 more times in a season than an Olympic sprinter in an equivalent season.

The former Manchester United star is confident that he will come out on top in any challenge; he said:

It’s very difficult to beat me because this is my life. I play football so to beat me you have to be very good.

For more information, visit Challenge Ronaldo.

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