Cardinals’ Marvin Harrison Jr. is being sued by Fanatics for leaking ‘misleading’ information to ESPN

Marvin Harrison Jr. Cardinals pic
Marvin Harrison Jr. Cardinals pic

With the fourth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals took WR Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State. This past Saturday, a lawsuit was filed against Harrison Jr. by Fanatics. They claim that he breached his contract signed with the company in May 2023. Additionally, Fanatics noted that Harrison Jr. leaked confidential information to ESPN. 

Marvin Harrison Jr. claims that he doesn’t have a contract with Fanatics. Instead, he is selling signed memorabilia through The Official Harrison Collection’s website. On Saturday, Fanatics filed the lawsuit at the New York Supreme Court. It’s now in their hands to determine if Marvin Harrison Jr. has breached his contract. Not how the rookie WR wanted to start his career with Arizona.

What did Marvin Harrison do to breach his contract with Fanatics?

In the suit, Fanatics said that Marvin Harrison Jr. refused to fulfill the obligations of his contract. Along with that he “publically asserted” that his contract with Fanatics did not exist. Sources reported that his deal was for at least $1 million. He’s refused to sign autographs, trading cards, and game-worn apparel. Instead, Harrison Jr. is using The Official Harrison Collection’s website to sell photos, jerseys, and helmets. His website states it is the “ONLY” website to purchase signed Harrison Jr. memorabilia. That directly goes against his contract with Fanatics.

Additionally, Marvin Harrsion Jr. told Fanatics he had an offer from a “larger competitor”. As well as smaller trading card companies making offers. Harrison Jr. “demanded” that Fanatics meet or exceed the offers from competitors in the industry. However, Fanatics noted that Harrison Jr. has refused to provide them with proof of other existing offers. They claim that he’s already begun negotiating with other competitors.

On April 23, 2024, Marvin Harrison Sr. asked Fanatics for a copy of his son’s contract with the company. After receiving it, he told Fanatics that his son no longer had a deal in place. The New York Supreme Court will decide the ruling for this case. Estimated damages are expected to be in the millions. What’s going to happen to Marvin Harriosn Jr. who doesn’t have an agent and is represented by his father and himself?

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