Benzema is rapidly becoming one to count on in Madrid

Mission impossible: Getting Benzema to develop into a monster on the field.  That was the case just four months ago and in one press conference after the other, Mourinho was unhappy with the Frenchman, even though Mourinho always had hope. It´s probably unjust against Benzema to say that if Higuaín would not have been injured, then Benzema would not have been a starter. Perhaps it´s the truth, perhaps not though. I remember some while ago whilst Benzema was playing in Copa del Rey-matches and scoring goals, everyone was saying that this guy can´t make it on the “big stage”. And there were numerous reports of a sale during the summer for the Frenchman.

Before the Champions Leauge-game against Auxerre this fall everyone was wondering how Benzema would play in the abscence of Higuaín. He answered:

“Mourinho helps me phsycologically so that i can improve. He is a grand trainer and this will continue for me. We are in the beginning of the season and i hope to perform some good matches for us in the future. I hope to score two goals”.

A player under pressure.

Perhaps Real Madrid showed faith, perhaps Real Madrid were desperate after Higuaíns injury, we’ll never know. But it is true that Benzema is regarded as president Florentino Pérez favourite in the white club, besides Iker Casillas. And that was a ground for the young Frenchman to stand on, nowadays Higuaín will have a real match on his hands if he is to take back his place. Things change and they change rapidly in Madrid as we all know and if there ever was one thing Benz was bought for, it was the Champions Leauge where he has had some glittering performances this season. It would not be unjust to say that Higuaín has not performed in the same competition compared to Benzema.


So all that money spent and finally we Madridistas are getting something back. It´s not easy to have such a hefty price tag on yourself and in Real Madrid of all clubs. But i have to give Benzema a lot of credit, he´s been the underdog, he has been called by Mourinho as having a “cold personality” and ultimately it is being said that Zidane, working alongside Mou is the one that has turned that personality to the better, to the warmer.

The thing with idols…

The first time that i saw Benzema in a Real Madrid shirt was about two years ago, you could see in his playing style that everything he did was a reminder of the phenomenon Ronaldo. It shined right through him that he tried to fill the Brazilian’s shoes and it was evident during Manuel Pellegrini’s command that he would not succed with that playing style. You can´t just copy a playing style, no matter how hard you try. The months went last season and Higuaín took back his place. Nowadays the “Benzema-turn” with the ball is his signum and he has his own characteristiscs. It was a real bold move from Jorge Valdano and even Florentino himself to reject Mourinho a new forward back in January, with the argument that Benzema would fulfill his potential one day.

As a Madridista you´re always torn between one player and the other and Benzema has certainly raised his stakes for a place in the club, no sale here you would think. Rapidly Benzema is becoming one to count on in Madrid, as goes for Higuaín as well with Higuaín signing a new contract at the beginning of the season. But with rumours of Agûero or Fernando Llorente coming in during this summer to come, it will be difficult to say who deserves their place more in the team. A sacrifice is all that it takes for the imperium Real Madrid, a sacrifice of giving someone up for another. This is the way it works and for all that Benzema has improved upon this season, in comparison to last season yet his place is not “certain” as nor is Higuaíns.

After all, Florentino will have a say in the matter.

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