Bengals’ Jake Browning continues to prove that he is a solid backup QB after a 34-14 win vs. the Colts

Jake Browning Bengals pic 1
Jake Browning Bengals pic 1

The 2023 NFL season is quickly coming to an end with just four weeks left. Playoff spots are on the line and only seven will make it from each conference. For the Cincinnati Bengals, they’re in the hunt to make the postseason, but they’re not out of it. With a win in Week 14, the Bengals are one of six teams in the AFC with a 7-6 record.

With Joe Burrow out for the season, backup QB Jake Browning has filled in and has gone 2-1 in three starts. He had his first career game on Sunday with multiple passing touchdowns. Browning finished the game 18-24 for 275 yards and two passing touchdowns in a 34-14 win vs. Indianapolis. Cincinnati will be at home in Week 15 to play the Vikings.

Jake Browning has filled in nicely for Joe Burrow this season

As a backup in the NFL, you always have to be ready for your opportunity. Being a backup QB, you have to be even more prepared and ready than most positions. Quarterback is the hardest position on the field. They have to know all the plays, and what everyone is doing on those plays. Additionally, they have to be ready to read the defense for pre-snap adjustments. Not to mention they need to dissect the defense as the play happens when they are passing.

Being a QB is not an easy job, let alone being a backup who doesn’t see as many reps during the preseason and during the week. With Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury vs, the Ravens, Jake Browning has gotten the opportunity to be a starter for the Bengals. Nobody expected much from Browning and he’s held his own with Cincinnati. He’s averaging (285.3) passing yards in three starts for the Bengals this season.

For the Bengals to even have a shot at making the playoffs in 2023, they’re going to need to play well down the stretch. Cincinnati has four games left this season.  They still have to play the Vikings, Steelers, Chiefs, and Browns. Those are not going to be easy games for the Bengals. However, Jake Browning has proved that he’s capable of leading the team to a win. He’s 2-0 in his last two starts for Cincinnati. Their Week 15 matchup will be at home to host the Vikings.

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