Atlanta’s Trae Young gives his honest thoughts on if he wants to stay with the Hawks

Trae Young hawks pic
Trae Young hawks pic

In the 2018 NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks used the 5th overall pick to select Trae Young. A draft-night trade with the Hawks sent Young to Atlanta and that’s where he’s been ever since. The 25-year-old just finished his sixth season with the Hawks and had made the playoffs three times. 

Only one of those series extended past the first round and that hasn’t happened for Atlanta since 2020-21. Rumors have been swirling regarding what Trae Young’s future looks like. Sources have linked Young as a trade target this offseason and the #1 team mentioned is the Lakers. Will the three-time all-star remain with the Hawks for the 2024-25 season or will he be playing in a different uniform?

Is Trae Young thinking about leaving the Atlanta Hawks this offseason?

In his exit interview with the Hawks, after the 2023-24 season was over, Trae Young was not shy to speak his truth. Young said he wants to be in Atlanta but he also wants to win. Leaving the door open for the possibility of a trade this offseason. In Young’s six seasons with the Hawks, their best record is 41-31. That was 72 games during 2020-21 when the season was shortened due to the pandemic. During four of his six seasons with the Hawks, the team has had a .500 or worse record in four of those years. Is it time for Trae Young to move on and start fresh?

Trae Young’s 54 games played in 2023-24 were the lowest of his career. However, they were 22-32 in the games he was available. Atlanta was 14-14 in the 28 games he missed. Young averaged (25.7) points, (2.8) rebounds, along with a career-high (10.8) assists and (1.3) steals per game. That earned him his third all-star selection in six professional seasons. Young noted that he wants to win right now in his career. If Atlanta doesn’t have the same vision, expect Young to be on the move. He’s stuck around for six seasons but it may be time for Trae Young to part ways with the Hawks.

Atlanta’s all-star PG still has two seasons left on his five-year, $215 million deal he signed. Additionally, Young has an early termination option for the 2026-27 season if he is still with the Hawks.  The NBA playoffs are still happening and no trades are going to happen at this time. We’re going to have to wait some time until we get a real indication of what Trae Young plans to do. Will he stay loyal to the Hawks or will he part ways with them and find a new home?

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