Atlanta Falcons Kyle Pitts Not Practicing In OTAs


Atlanta Falcons star tight end Kyle Pitss is seen not practicing at the start of OTAs as he is recovering from a torn MCL he suffered last season. 


It is kind of concerning that Pitts has yet to start practicing after being six months removed from his surgery. However, head coach Arthur Smith is not concerned and they are expecting their injured players, including Pitts to be ready by the start of training camp.

The Falcons will now be looking at quarterback Desmond Ridder as the starter for the time being. Ridder never really got a chance to build up chemistry with the young tight end. He will be a welcome site for Ridder as he and Drake London have already have a nice connection. It shouldn’t be too long for Pitts and Ridder to have something similar.

The Falcons offense in the 2023 NFL season should be better than last years, especially running wise. They drafted Texas running back Bijan Robinson at pick eight overall, and the offense is going to focus around him. Running back Tyler Allgeier is also no slouch either. They will have one of the better younger running back duos in the entire NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons are +240 to win the NFC South according to Georgia sportsbooks.

Pitts is looking for a bounce back season. In other 10 games played in 2022, Pitts only had 28 receptions for 356 yards and two touchdowns. Fans and analysts kind of put the blame on Arthur Smith’s offense being so run heavy, and that could be the reason why Pitts has a lackluster second season. He was picked 4th overall so we can put some of the blame on Pitts ability to gain separation from the defense, but he is still young enough to produce at a high level in the NFL.

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