All Signs Point To Lamar Jackson Staying With Baltimore Ravens

lamar jackson
lamar jackson

A few weeks ago, the relationship between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens felt unrepairable.

The two sides had been at odds about a contract extension for the better part of a year, and it was reported that the quarterback wasn’t happy when the team placed the franchise tag on him earlier in the off-season.

Lamar Jackson Was Actively Recruiting OBJ

Things seemed to have come to a breaking point during the last few days of March, when Jackson revealed that he had requested a trade from the team weeks earlier. He had been waiting for a team to be willing to pay him the money he was looking for, and also be willing to give up the necessary draft capital to acquire him in the first place.

If reports are true, the line was short. Jackson was looking for money in the range that Deshaun Watson agreed to last off-season, but it appears that the situation with the Browns was an outlier, and NFL franchises aren’t exactly going crazy over the idea of paying $200+ million guaranteed to a quarterback who has had his own injury issues.

Even before Sunday’s breaking news regarding the Ravens, it felt like Jackson’s options were running thin and that he would have no other choice than to remain in Baltimore.

All Signs Point To Jackson Remaining In Baltimore

It feels even more like that today.

The signing of Odell Beckham Jr. to a one-year deal felt like it had something to do with Lamar Jackson staying with the Ravens. After all of the rumors about where the wide receiver might end up, it was doubtful that he was willing to wait and see if he’d be catching passes from Jackson or Tyler Huntley. It felt like Beckham Jr. knew something that we all might not have. Yet.

On Monday afternoon, those thoughts were confirmed by Ian Rapoport on NFL Network. He reported that Jackson actively recruited OBJ, under the pretence that he would be the one throwing him the ball.

But Rapoport was quick to confirm that this doesn’t mean that there is 100% certainty of a return for Jackson. A team could sign him to an offer sheet, but as of now, there are no signs indicating that there is any interest from other parties.

The two players were seen at LIV nightclub in Miami on Sunday Night, enjoying a nice Easter celebration.

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