After a 42-point loss on TNF, it’s incredible that Brandon Staley is still the Chargers’ head coach

Brandon Staley Chargers pic
Brandon Staley Chargers pic

Heading into Week 15 on TNF, the Chargers and Raiders both were 5-8. Making the playoffs for either team would be an uphill battle. At this point in the season, they’re mostly playing for pride and to put a good product on the field for the front office. The Raiders showed a lot of fight in Week 15 and they outclassed the Chargers in every facet of the game. 

At halftime, the score was 42-0 and Los Angeles looked lifeless. As a whole, the team looked flat from the opening kick. In the end, the Chargers lost 63-21. It’s the most points the Chargers have let up in franchise history. Head coach Brandon Staley is the defensive coordinator and this loss is on him. At this point, Staley is lucky to still have his job. NFL media members are baffled that he’s still the head coach after the mortifying loss in Week 15.

Brandon Staley’s days as head coach of the Chargers have to be numbered

With the showing Los Angeles had in Week 15, it’s fair to say the team has hit rock bottom this season. Without Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen on offense, the Chargers played a horrific game. Most importantly, their defense looked lifeless against the Raiders. There were little to no in-game adjustments made by Los Angeles and that’s why they lost by 42 points.bran

That all falls on head coach Brandon Staley who is also their defensive coordinator. After the game, Staley told reporters that he still thinks he deserves to be the head coach for Los Angeles. You never want to call for another man’s job, but there’s just no way he truly believes that. Staley is 24-24 all-time as the head coach of the Chargers. The loss to the Raiders on TNF in Week 15 was by far his worst in three seasons as head coach.

In Chargers franchise history, they’ve only fired a head coach mid-season just once, It was Kevin Gillbride back in 1998. Since becoming head coach, Brandon Staley’s defenses have been near the bottom of the league every season. He needed to be fired and Los Angeles may be waiting until after the season to do it. At this point, what’s the difference between getting fired now or three weeks from now?

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