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Manchester United took their first step into their next phase after Wayne Rooney confirmed he no longer has the ambition to continue playing career at Old Trafford.

The United players showed the character and the desire that was undoubtedly needed to win Sir Alex Ferguson’s 2,000th match in charge as a professional manager, however, it could have ended very differently if they let the discouraging comments from their “current” teammate effect their performance.

In his response to the comments made by Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday, Rooney cited that he does not feel that United squad has the quality, or will obtain top players, to compete for major trophies in the future, which is why he must leave the club.

His ill-advised, unfounded remarks were completely disrespectful to not only the current United players, but it was also a swipe at Sir Alex Ferguson and the club, itself, which is exactly what he was warned not to do.

His imminent departure is going to forcing the United manager to be faced with the daunting dilemma of finding that top player who can become the “new face” of Manchester United.

Primarily because he was English, Rooney was virtually in every promotional ad that United ran over the past couple of seasons, and now that void needs to be filled with a world-class superstar that wants to play his football at Old Trafford.

If there is one manager in the modern game that could carry out this demoralizing assignment – it has to Sir Alex Ferguson.

This has to serve as yet another lesson learned for Ferguson, and hopefully it will inspire the Gaffer on instead of having the reverse effect and bringing his managerial career to a premature end, which was sort of hinted at by one of Rooney’s shocking comments.

The former fan-favorite said, “For Manchester United’s sake I wish he could go on forever because he’s a one off and a genius,” which could be taken that he is on the verge of calling curtains on his time at Old Trafford.

Ferguson has brought a lot to United during his 24-year tenure, but the most important element has to be the stability has instilled at the club.

Now with the club teetering back and forth because of this disastrous situation, his services are needed now more than ever, and hopefully kicks on and he adds to his already-impressive managerial resume.

United are surely entering a transitional period, which Wayne should be aware of, because in his six short years, he has seen multiple top players leave the club, but yet the club has still spurred on to glory.

The likes of Gary Neville, Edwin van der Sar, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are more than likely playing their last season for United, so it will be imperative for Sir Alex to bring in suitable replacements for them.

The clear conclusion about his comments is that Rooney’s views are obstructed by either jealousy, simple naivety or, better yet, a combination of the two.

The jealousy that he might be feeling has to because of the amount of players that are being brought into Manchester City.

The naive part of that comes from the fact that they need players like them, because they do not have the quality of manager or the history that United has.

Apparently, Rooney thinks that he knows best, and that the players that are supposedly on the United boss’ radar are not up to his liking.

Obviously he is questioning the manager’s decision making, which is a subtle form of disrespect.

The problem that Rooney has with the Scot is more stingy with his money than Rooney is with his – as he proved by spending £1,000 on a prostitute.

Now with the curtains drawn on Rooney’s career at United, it is vital that the manager is given encouragement and patience to make the proper adjustments to the current squad.

The United supporters will all have suggestions to the additions to who SAF should bring into the club, but the manager, despite Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez, has always been a good judge of character.

The one thing that is certain is that Ferguson will have to spend the Glazer’s money to bring in ready-made players.

Once they are brought in, though, there will be a further need of patience and understanding by the supporters as they settle into the United squad – unlike there was with Dimitar Berbatov.

Manchester United have certainly had one of their legs taken out from beneath them with Wayne Rooney bringing an end to this six-year career, but this club has a foundation that has withstood the test of better players leaving the club.

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