5 NFL Teams That Are Still Desperate For A Quarterback

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The NFL off-season is in full swing, and the dominoes are starting to fall when it comes to quarterbacks finding new homes.

On Monday, the Saints and Seahawks both filled their vacancies, inking Derek Carr and Geno Smith to long-term deals. Then, just before Tuesday’s franchise tag deadline, the Ravens answered a question we’ve been asking for the better part of a year by retaining Lamar Jackson.

For quarterback-hungry teams, the well is beginning to show its first signs of drying up. Aaron Rodgers has been the biggest name and has yet to make a decision on his future, but the free agent options are starting to look thin in a rather weak off-season for QBs. There is of course the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft, which some of the following teams will use to find their signal caller of the future, but there will be plenty of questions answered between now and then.

Which Five NFL Team Still Need Quarterbacks The Most?


New York Jets

The Jets figured to be one of the biggest players when it came to the off-season quarterback market, but things are starting to look rough. Aaron Rodgers is still the goal, and the former MVP is reportedly meeting with New York, but they’ve already missed out on their backup plan in Derek Carr. They can look to go young in the draft, but it is doubtful that the Jets will want another project QB after the Zach Wilson fiasco.

Las Vegas Raiders

Along with the Jets, the Raiders are thought to be one of the top destinations for free agent quarterbacks given the makeup of the team. They obviously have their eyes set on Rodgers with the connection with Davante Adams, and seem to be the favorite to land him should he leave Green Bay. Las Vegas does have the 7th overall pick in a draft that is QB heavy at the top, so they most certainly have a backup plan if free agency falls through.

Atlanta Falcons

It feels like longer, but Matt Ryan has only been gone for one season, and it is already obvious that the Falcons are in desperate need of a quarterback. They “filled” the void last year with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder, but will be looking for their signal caller of the future this spring. They hold the 8th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have a gaping hole at quarterback on a rebuilding team, and their best bet to nab a quarterback would be through the draft. In fact, they are the team that is listed as the most likely to trade up to the number one pick, which the Bears are reportedly shopping heavily. They might go after a guy like Carson Wentz or Jimmy Garoppolo to compete with a young guy in camp, but any free agent QB signing with Carolina will likely be on a one-year deal.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are no bigger shoes to fill than those of the greatest quarterback of all-time, but someone has to do it. Perhaps the Buccaneers will do what the Patriots wanted to do all of those years ago and replace Tom Brady with Jimmy Garoppolo? Tampa Bay doesn’t pick until #19 in the draft, leaving them with little firepower to grab one of the highly-touted prospects.

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