3 UP FRONT: The Truth about Liverpool’s new owners and Chelsea’s winning mentality

Make sure you tune in to the latest episode of the fastest growing football podcast around – 3 Up Front!

Host Adrian Clarke guides pundits Iain Spragg and Iain Macintosh through a range of heated debates in just over 30 minutes of entertaining football chat. Some of their topics include;

Are Chelsea as superior as people think? Do you need to pass your opponents to death (Arsenal) or does a winning mentality (Chelsea and Manchester United) trump possession over the course of a season?

Fact or Fiction: Liverpool are saved from ruin (or are they?). The hosts discuss whether the prospective Liverpool owners are better than the current Liverpool owners, or is it just the same PR schtick with businessmen looking to profit from football? Liverpool fans won’t like the answer.

Kevin Davies’ England call-up. How good (or bad) is Kevin Davies really, and what can he bring to the England team? Should he really be in the England squad at the age of 33 and is Capello right to pick Davies?

The X-aggerated Factor: Shameful tackles should see perpatrators banned for long periods? We’ve been talking about it on Soccerlens all week long, and the pod crew discuss whether ‘tough tackling’ is part of the game or should we get referees to stamp down (no pun intended) on dangerous tackling?

Licensed agents – will we miss them? Should FIFA focus on policing the agents or focus on legislating transfers and let clubs deal with the agents? Macca makes an interesting suggestion on fixing the transfer system, would Blatter listen to reason though?

And another thrilling installment of the cult quiz aka The 3 Up Front Shoot-Out: Munich misery, lots of Babels & Sven’s latest escapade.

It’s a cracking listen. Make sure you get involved. Download now! [audio:3upfront_show8.mp3] Download link (mp3, 32mb, 31 mins)

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