Can Tottenham beat Liverpool at White Hart Lane?

Liverpool v Tottenham preview.

Harry Redknapp has only been at Tottenham for 2 games but from listening to him speak you’d think they were in 2nd spot breathing down Liverpool’s necks, not 19 spots below.

One could even argue that Tottenham’s current euphoria – sorely-needed as it is for improving morale – is unfounded as Bolton shot themselves in the foot with their tactics and Tottenham players have never needed ‘inspiration’ when playing the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United.

Indeed, Redknapp’s real test as WHL’s Messiah starts with Tottenham’s home game against Liverpool, and after snatching a 4-4 draw away to Arsenal Harry is bullish about Tottenham’s prospects:

“Bring on Liverpool. They will come to the Lane to look for a result but will find my team giving it a real go.”

Getting a point here [Arsenal] when it looked as if we would get nothing has given my players a real confidence boost.

Now they are really buzzing and they won’t need any motivation from me now when we take on Liverpool.”

So that would be 3 matches in a row where you weren’t needed Harry? Maybe Ramos was fired a bit too soon?

Do you think Tottenham can secure a result against Liverpool at White Hart Lane? Let us know in the comments below.

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