Best Tennis Betting Sites In The UK For 2021

As the title tells you, this guide will introduce you to the top tennis betting sites but there’s much more information to digest. We’ll also look at how we assess those outlets while taking a further look at the markets that are available.

We’ll round off with some popular tennis betting strategy systems to see if we can turn those odds in our favour.

The Top Ten Tennis Betting Sites

  1. William Hill – Best overall odds
  2. Bet365 – Best for live tennis betting
  3. Paddy Power – Best for promotions
  4. BetVictor – Best for early market declarations
  5. 10Bet – Best for regular price boosts
  6. Unibet – Best for live streaming
  7. Coral – Best for choice of markets
  8. VBet – Best for long odds on side markets
  9. Grosvenor Sports – Good for smaller tournaments
  10. Ladbrokes – Best all rounder with competitive odds and extensive markets

How we Assess the Sites for Tennis Betting Online

Each of the recommendations has to fit certain criteria in order to make it onto the list. All UK bookmakers will offer something a little different but, no matter what sport you’re looking to bet on, we should be looking to tick the box in three main categories.

  • Tennis Betting Markets
    In terms of market choice, everyone should have tournament and match betting. That’s enough for some punters but many will want more. Tennis has scope for many side bets such as Correct Score and Total Games and the top tennis betting sites should look to cover these. It’s Paddy Power we identified as having the most extensive range of tennis betting options.
  • Competitive Odds
    No single bookmaker will have the best tennis betting odds for every single market from outright winner to side bets. Some will rank higher for tournament betting while others will be more competitive for the side bets. Others will have strong odds for tennis handicap betting. With outright betting on tournaments, 10bet are very competitive.
  • Choice Of Tennis Promotions
    Promotions and offers specifically related to tennis are important and it’s an advantage if the bookie has offers relating to the big annual events. William Hill tennis betting promotions are easily found while others aren’t so quick to provide deals for individual sports.
  • Extra Features
    Certain added benefits such as live streaming, live tennis betting and a good set of payment methods to fund your gambling will help but those should be the three most important criteria. For top live streaming of tennis tournaments, Bet365 takes a lot of beating.
  • Tournament Coverage
    Ideally, odds should appear quickly for all tournaments, not just the major events such as Wimbledon. BetVictor are one of the better tennis betting sites for early odds. Smaller tournaments should also get a wide coverage. Not everyone quotes extensively for the smaller events but VBet are amongst the top tennis betting sites in this respect.

Best Tennis Betting Sites Compared

Bookmaker Live Betting Live Streaming Handicap Betting Cashout Tennis Specific Promotions Bet Builder
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The Most Popular Tennis Betting Markets

tennisThe top tennis betting sites may list well over 100 markets for the big matches. Some options are more popular than others and here is the guide to the ones that attract most attention.

Tournament Winner

Tennis betting odds for the big tournaments will tend to appear many months in advance. In the case of Wimbledon and the other Grand Slams, they are essentially available all year round. It’s an easy concept to follow and we’re looking for the man, woman or doubles pairing to win their tournament.

Ladbrokes tennis betting markets open nice and early for the big events while other tournaments on the main tours will be declared several days in advance. All tennis betting sides will be up and running in advance of the tournament.

Match Winner

Bets on every individual match in the main professional tournaments will be covered by the better tennis betting sites. It’s a simple equation – stake on who you think will win the match in question.

One of the reasons why many are drawn to betting on tennis is the fact that there is no scope for a tie. A match bet is a straight choice between the two opponents. Analysis of form and head to head results can help bettors make the right selection.

In this market, we’re really looking for the best tennis odds. 10Bet is among the top tennis betting sites here and could well offer some additional price boosts for the big tournaments.

Correct Score

This type of market is tougher to predict but there can be some high returns if you make the right call. Here, we are looking to bet on the result and the correct score in terms of sets.

So, for example, you might stake on:

  • Serena Williams To Win 2-0
  • Emma Raducanu To Win 2-1

Not every sportsbook embraces tennis side bets: Vbet are among the tennis betting sites who have an impressive range and they also publish some consistently strong odds.

Total Games

As the name suggests, we’re looking to bet on the total number of games in the match. In men’s singles tennis that goes to five sets, there could be lots of options while the best of three set matches have fewer selections.

The best tennis betting sites will list a number of lines and it’s the job of the bettor to go Over or Under those lines. 21.5 is quite a common point among the top tennis betting sites but not every sportsbook lists a Total Games option.

Bet365 and William Hill are among the tennis betting sites that will tend to regularly publish Total Games markets although the picks will mainly arrive for the big Grand Slams.

Tennis Handicap Betting

The handicap system is used in many sports and it’s popular with tennis betting online. The concept is similar across all of those sports and we’re giving one of the players a theoretical head start.

With regards to tennis specifically, this is best explained by using an example: Let’s say that Roger Federer is playing Kyle Edmund at Wimbledon. Federer is the hot favourite in the regular tennis betting odds but, by giving Edmund a notional one set start, Federer must win by at least two sets for a profit to be returned.

The advantage of tennis handicap betting is that the odds on the favourite, in this case Federer, will have lengthened in this example. It may also be worth a reminder that, in the big tournaments, men’s singles are the best of five sets while other professional tournaments are decided as a race to two sets.

Here’s a visual representation of game handicap odds alongside match winner at Unibet:

The majority of sportsbooks will offer handicap options with Unibet and Paddy Power among those tennis betting sites who have the wider range.

Live Betting On Tennis

Those who like to bet live will find exceptional choice when it comes to in play tennis betting. All of the markets mentioned above will be on offer once a match or tournament starts and there will be new bets to consider too.

Next Set Winner and Next Point are among the additional possibilities for live tennis betting.

It’s widely accepted that bet365 are one of the best homes for live betting while 10BET are strong candidates for in play tennis betting too.

Top 5 Bookies For In-Play Betting

  • Bet365 – Up to £100 In Bet Credits
  • 10Bet – 50% Deposit Match Up To £50
  • Betfair – £20 Risk Free Opening Bet
  • UniBet – £40 Risk Free Opening Bet
  • 2kBet – Deposit £10, Get A £30 Free Bet

Tennis Live Streaming Bookmakers in The UK

The majority of tennis betting sites now have live streaming to enjoy. Some of the coverage is very comprehensive while others are relatively restricted in the tournaments that they cover.

Check the tennis betting rules relating to the live stream. Some will insist that you bet on the match that you want to watch but most bookies will let you tune in as long as you have an active account with funds available. Among the best sites for live streaming are William Hill, 10Bet, Unibet, Betfair, Coral, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes but here are our top three recommendations:

Bookmaker Qualifying Criteria Visit site
unibet Funds in account or cash bet within previous 24 hours Visit Unibet
Must have find in account Visit Paddy Power
10bet Must have account balance of at least £1.00 Visit 10Bet

Getting the Best Tennis Betting Odds

In every area of life, we want value for money so why should betting be any different? If you are staking with a sportsbook that offers consistently poor odds then you are wasting money on any profits that you subsequently make.

That’s why our review of these tennis betting sites focuses heavily on the tennis odds provided. To get better value, you can keep coming back to this guide but there are many things you can do yourself as part of your overall tennis betting strategy.

No single bookmaker is going to be at the top for every tennis market. BetVictor may, for example, be good for tennis handicap betting but not for outright options. Similarly, you could look to bet365 for in play tennis betting while using coral tennis betting for side bets.

Our recommendation, therefore, is to sign up with a range of tennis betting sites. Keep details on a spreadsheet but don’t, obviously, write down your sign in details. Use the sheet to keep track of funds and you can also use it as a profit and loss record.

Another benefit of using multiple bookies is that you can take advantage of all the welcome offers and you can quickly compare the odds for any bet that you intend to make.

Top 3 Sites For Tennis Betting Odds

  • Ladbrokes – Best for odds across all markets
  • William Hill  -Best for tournament betting and match winner
  • VBet – Best for side markets

The Best Tennis Betting Offers This Month

There’s plenty of bookmakers that offer regular promotions to their existing customers. Luckily for tennis fans, there are also some tennis betting focused offers that are worth taking a look at. At Sports Lens, we’ve identified some of the top tennis betting offers for you to take advantage of.

10Bet – Bonus Accumulator Winnings


10Bet are one of the sites that offer a regular tennis betting offer. For every tennis accumulator you put on, you can earn a bonus on your winnings of up to 50%. Simply select at least 3 selections with odds of at least 1/5, and you’ll be eligible for a bonus. The more results you successfully predict, the higher your potential bonus will be. The bonus is up to a max of 50% and a maximum amount of £5,000.

Boyle Sports – Acca Insurance


Boyle Sports offer an acca insurance offer that covers a wide variety of sports, notably including tennis. Acca insurance means that if all but one of your selections win on any given accumulator, your stake will be returned as a free bet. For the accumulator to qualify, there needs to be a minimum of 5 selections, and there is a maximum free bet return of £20. There are no restrictions on the odds you can have on your selections, so any tennis matches will work out.

Unibet – Stake £10, Get £5 On Tennis Accumulators


Unibet arguably have the best tennis betting focused offer on the market. Each week, bet £10 on a tennis accumulator and you’ll receive a £5 free bet. That’s regardless of whether or not your original bet is a winner or a loser, so you could be winning twice with this Unibet offering. Simply make sure there’s a minimum of 3 selections in your tennis accumulator, and you’ll qualify automatically without the need to opt in. Even better, you can claim this offer once a week, every week.

Identifying the best Tennis Betting Strategy

Like all sports, there are a number of strategies published that are intended to help turn the odds in their favour. While nothing will ever come with a guarantee, many find that some of these systems can be useful.

Focus on the Favourites

In tennis, there are fewer shocks than in certain other sports and the favourites can often come through to deliver the profit. Some punters will choose to stay away from the match betting while others may elect to focus on it as a way of returning regular, smaller profits.

A common and very simple strategy involves betting on the favourite. If you win, you repeat the process but if the bet were to lose, you double your stake, making any adjustment for a change in odds, and stake again.

The theory is that the favourite will come through eventually and you will get an overall profit. The potential issue is that, if you suffer a run of losses, you could blow your bankroll.

Hedge your Bets

Another popular system in any sport is hedging and this can be adapted to form part of a tennis betting strategy. Hedging involves placing a win bet on both opponents in a match. If one wins, you take a profit but if they fail, the back up bet means that you have suffered a smaller loss.

Hedging could also involve making more than one selection in the outright tournament winner market. For example, you could back Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka and Daniil Medvedev across four separate bets to win the Australian Open.

This type of hedge would, however, only make sense if the tennis betting odds were set up so that you could guarantee a profit if one of those selections wins.

Find the slow starters in live tennis betting

Remember that live tennis betting is widely available and, by the nature of this process, there can be longer odds at times.

For example, if the favourite to win a tennis match loses the first set, their live odds will lengthen. They may remain the favourite but you now have a better price. The key with this tennis betting system is to find players that tend to start slowly but have better fitness and stamina to go on and win the match.

Cover your bets in the correct score market

This is another type of hedge but is worth mentioning as a separate option as it focuses on a less-common side market. Typically, the bettor will back the favourite to win 3-1 and place a separate bet for 3-2.

Once again, you should assess the odds and ensure that there should be a definite profit as long as one of those selections lands.

Is it Possible to Undertake Tennis Betting for a Living?

It’s not impossible but only a very small percentage of punters will ever progress to the point where they can earn a living solely from gambling. You’d certainly have to be a tennis betting expert who knows how to harness the concept of value and these are rare people.

Value relates to instances where the odds of an event happening are greater than their mathematical probabilities. Another way of putting that is to say that there is a much greater chance of an outcome happening than the bookies’ odds suggest.

This is how many professional gamblers operate: They spend their whole day looking at online odds and assessing them against mathematical probabilities. It therefore takes time and dedication to ultimately enjoy tennis betting for a living – just as it would with any high-paying profession.

Alternatively, you could just get lucky: In 1985 it’s said that one punter staked £10,000 on eventual men’s singles champion Boris Becker to win at 18/1. Either way, this isn’t a path that we would necessarily recommend. For most of us, it’s about making regular, smaller profits if possible but there are rare occasions where tennis betting for a living is a possibility.

The Ultimate 5 Tennis Betting Tips

Tip 1: Do your Research

This should be the first point to take care of in any sport. There really is no substitute for research into form and head to head results between two sets of opponents.

All of these stats are easily located across specialist online tennis databases.

Tip 2: Identify Trends and Court Preferences

Trends and indicators are important too. Which players perform better at certain venues than others? An obvious example is the fact that Rafael Nadal is so dominant on the French Open courts at Roland Garros but there are many other, similar trends to follow.

Once again, there are many stats around that will help you with your research.

Tip 3: Follow the Best Pundits

There are many different ways in which you can source tennis betting predictions. Everyone has an opinion on the game but not everyone who publishes those opinions knows what they are talking about.

There’s nothing wrong with following tennis tipsters but you need to find the right ones. Check out previous results if they are available before following them moving forward. Analyse their success rate before committing to real stakes.

Tip 4: Look for Value

This should be a starting point for all sports, not just for those who are betting on tennis. If, for example, Nick Kyrgios has a 50% chance of winning a match, there is value if his odds extend to 6/4.

The top tennis betting sites are careful not to offer too much value but it’s worth looking for.

Tip 5: Follow the Favourites

As we’ve seen, this is a sport where upsets are rare. Those who want to make smaller profits over a long period of time should seriously consider tennis.

Tennis betting odds may be lower but there are fewer shocks here than in most sports.

Betting on Tennis’ Biggest Events

Tennis is played virtually all year round with just a brief break over the festive season. The sport has four Grand Slams which are similar to the Majors in golf. These are the biggest tournaments where the best players will all be in attendance and it’s a time when betting on tennis hits a peak.

In date order the four Grand Slams are:

The Australian Open

australian openThis is the first major event of the tennis year and it is scheduled to run over the last two full weeks of January. It was first run back in 1905 and, following a number of changes of venues, it’s current home is at Melbourne Park.

Ladbrokes are a popular sports betting company in Australia and they like to offer a strong package for domestic events such as these. There should be plenty of price boosts in the Ladbrokes tennis betting markets when the Australian Open comes around.

The French Open

roland garrossNext up is the French Open which is held at Stade Roland Garros in Paris. There’s a lot of history in this event which was first held in 1891.

The French Open will traditionally begin in late May and will run for two weeks with the champions being crowned in early June.

Unibet are a good option for this tournament: They have extensive live streaming of the French Open and comprehensive live tennis betting markets to go with it.


wimbledonWimbledon is the most historic of all four Grand Slams and it’s the only one to still take place on grass courts. It’s the oldest of the four tournaments with its first edition being run back in 1877.

Wimbledon fortnight currently runs from the end of June through to July and the venue is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, SW17.

As a bookmaker whose focus was on the UK markets initially, bet365 are good to follow in Wimbledon fortnight with early markets and competitive odds.

The US Open

us openThe United States Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam on the calendar. Currently held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York, it starts at the end of August and ends two weeks later in early September.

Like all four Grand Slams on this list, the US Open has five main tournaments. If you’re betting on tennis, you can consider Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Grosvenor Sport may not be the first sportsbook that you think of when it comes to the best tennis betting odds but they are consistent for the US Open with sound prices.

The Olympics

OlympicsIt only comes around every four years and it’s a recent addition to the games but Olympic tennis carries great interest. For the players, there may only be one chance in a career to claim a gold medal and that leads to some serious competition.

Olympic tennis betting online also attracts interest. BetVictor tend to get their markets up earlier than most and may well be the best for ante post value.

ATP Tour

atp tourThe ATP Tour is the elite level circuit for men’s professional tennis. Below the top tier, there is the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Men’s World Tennis Tour but all players are looking to get into the top division.

All four Grand Slams form part of the ATP Tour while there are other, big events sanctioned by the organisation throughout the year.

At the very end of each year, the players who have collected the most ranking points and prize money will qualify for the season-ending ATP Finals. Outside of the four Grand Slams, this has the strongest field of any event and it’s one that the best players are desperate to win.

When fields are competitive, interest in betting on tennis increases and this is another busy time for the sportsbooks. William Hill are consistently good with competitive odds in all tennis tournaments and they are worth looking into when the ATP finals come along.

Before that, the ATP Tour provides a whole host of tennis tournaments to watch and bet on. Included in the list are the Italian Open, the Miami Open, the Cincinnati Masters, the Canadian Open, the Auckland Open, the Buenos Aires Open and the Paris Open.

There are 57 events in total – more than one for every week of the year. Naturally, it’s impossible for players to compete in every event and the fields can vary in strength. Often, there can be some value in the smaller tournaments on the lower tiers.

This also means that not every sportsbook offers coverage of every tournament on the ATP Tour. Only the best of the recommended tennis betting sites will do this so we suggest looking at Coral and Paddy Power tennis betting as they have more options than most.

WTA Tour

wta tourThe equivalent of the ATP Tour for women is the WTA Tour. Once again, this represents the elite level of competition in the sport and all four Grand Slams are included.

The major women’s tour also has a season ending big finale. The WTA Tour finals began in 1972 and are currently hosted in China at the end of each campaign.

The other professional events on this circuit are divided into Premier Tournaments and International Tournaments. There are 53 of them in total so there will be betting options in place for much of the calendar year.

The Ladbrokes tennis betting platform offers wide coverage while BetVictor are another sportsbook that provides extensive markets for the lower ranked tournaments.


The primary objective of this guide is to underline the tennis betting sites that offer the best coverage for this popular sport. We’ve not only compiled a list of recommendations, we’ve also shown you the criteria that is used to identify a genuinely good operator as opposed to one who just provides the bare minimum of betting options.

When you’re betting on tennis, finding the right sportsbook is the first step in the journey and it can also be the most important.

Moving forward, you should also have some tools that will give you a greater chance of success when you enter the markets. You can find a tennis betting system anywhere online but we’ve separated the non-runners from the strategies that have a greater chance of success.

It’s a comprehensive package and it combines to help you turn the tennis betting odds in your favour.

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