Writing Competition Winners

The winner of the 1st Soccerlens Writing Competition has been decided.

You can read all 40 entries here – I’d like at least half of the submitters to guest blog again on Soccerlens (I’ll be contacting writers personally over the weekend). If you’d like to write for Soccerlens again / find out about setting up a football blog of your own, tell me here.

Here’s a recap of the prizes and the judges:


For the winner:

For #1 – #3 (or more):

The option of getting financial assistance in starting / promoting their own blogs as part of the network of blogs we’re running.


Each judge picked 5 top entries (a total of 30 votes) – the articles were judged on quality of writing, analysis (and depth of knowledge), humour and entertainment value. I’ve tallied the votes and listed all of them at below.

Votes and Winners

Two entries were tied for 3rd place, so both will be invited to set up a blog with the FM network.

    1. A Naan and a Leg – Gerry McDonnell – 5


    1. The Heart of Football – Kris Gonzalez – 4


    1. The Hidden Diaries of Ashley Cole – Saad Hanif – 3


A Goal or Not a Goal: Official Assisted Technology Systems – Wesley Rasdorf – 3


The Rest:

Wrapping It Up

Congratulations to Gerry McDonnell for winning the top prize, and to Kris Gonzalez, Saad Hanif and Wesley Rasdorf for winning the top votes. All of you should have received my emails by now.

A few people missed out, I think – Adam Mourad, Laurie and Shane Coghlan were good enough to win, and Tahira Hanif was desperately unlucky not to get any votes despite writing one of the best articles in the competition. I’ll be in touch with you four, and a few more writers from the competition that I haven’t mentioned here, to discuss how we can collaborate further.

Thank you for participating everyone, and thank you SL readers for reading and commenting on the articles. Hopefully we’ll run this again next year (April sounds like a good time, 2 year Soccerlens anniversary as well), so keep an eye out for that.

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