World Cup Week One – What is the World Talking About?

The World Cup is underway and amid vuvuzela’s, goalkeeping mistakes and the choice of World Cup ball, there has been plenty to talk about during this tournament so far.

 In the first week the talking points/questions from this World Cup have been:

 Is This World Cup is Boring?

 Firstly people seem to have short memories, this World Cup is no different than any other,  traditionally World Cup games are not goal fests. I was not surprised to learn that the most common score line during World Cup finals is 1-0, which given the pressure of the tournament is not difficult to understand.

However this World Cup has not been boring, Paraguay, New Zealand, North Korea and Switzerland may not have set the world alight, but they have refused to accept their minnow status and go gently into the night.

 I love watching these teams play, it is not exciting in the traditional sense of the word, but I have taken great pleasure in the performances and candour of those teams.

Even if the giants of the game have not yet warmed up (exception equals Germany), the tournament has offered a great deal whilst promising that more is to come.

Can the World Tolerate Vuvuzela’s?

If I had a dollar/pound or rand for every time I had heard someone mention the vuvuzela’s at this World Cup, I would be a rich man.

The crux of the issue is that Vuvuzela’s are an important part of South African football. Therefore I think it is ridiculous that there has been suggestion that they should be banned.

Sure they are annoying beyond belief, but who are the Europeans, North Americans or anyone else for that matter, to tell others how to enjoy their football.

The world should embrace the mighty Vuvuzela.

 Is the Ball/Altitude having a Detrimetal affect on the Competition?

It must also be remembered that the ball was chosen to be different and promote a brand, the manufacturer will not be ecstatic that this is the talk of the tournament. Yet I think it is unclear if the choice of World Cup ball has detrimentally affected the tournament so far.

In theory high altitude, a light ball and thin air will make things difficult for any player, however the playing field is fair and the true greats of the game will show their class and adapt to the conditions.

The World Cup so far has been plagued by errors, particularly from goalkeepers in Group C, yet it is impossible to definitively say what caused them. Each situation is different, it could have been the pressure, the ball, the altitude or one hundred other reasons, mistakes are a part of football and it has certainly spiced things up.

How are South Africa faring as a Host?

So far the story of this World Cup has been the football and not the host, which is excellent news. 

Reports from the fans in South Africa I have spoken to have been positive, the South Africans have been truly welcoming fans into their country showing excellent hospitality. Hopefully this can continue and the naysayers about the choice of venue will be firmly put in their place. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the World Cup so far and look forward to every game, whoever is playing, I just wish every month was World Cup month.

I wonder what the talking points of the World Cup will be in week 2?

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