World Cup 2018 – All You Need To Know About Fan ID

The 2018 World Cup is shaping up to be one of the most security-focused events ever. Fans from across the globe are going to have to make certain they follow very strict rules for even getting inside the stadium. Sounds like a bit of a headache? It most assuredly is, but until the ticket registration closes on April 3rd, there’s plenty of time to figure out the rest of the documentation. Getting it right way in advance will free up more time to enjoy All Jackpots online slots outside of those pesky security checks.

What’s A Fan ID?

Let’s start from the top. A fan ID is supplementary to your matchday ticket. You’ll need both to get into any World Cup matches – one or the other isn’t going to be enough. It must be both. Very strict rules are in place for busy airports, with supporters likely not to be able to leave the plane without documentation. The same will be the case for those travelling overland and going anywhere near a stadium.

Why Are These Rules So Strict?

Security is crucial for this World Cup. Forget any idea about Russia being unnecessarily strict about keeping track who attends football matches – the same would be the case for any alternative host nation nowadays. This is Russia’s tournament and they’re pioneering safety and security for supporters. Fan ID is a part of this, and something nobody ought to worry about. Plus there’s free public transport in any host city.

How To Get A Fan ID

Here’s the good news – it’s totally free. Even better, it doubles up as an entry visa, saving on all those pesky fees. The downside is that you’ll have to submit a lot of personal information online – including scans of passport sized photos. Assuming there’s no issue, then you’ll receive the Fan ID within three days of submission. Watch out for delivery options though – they can be sent out within the timescale to European fans, but otherwise, are going to be dispatched to your Russian embassy or consulate. It’s a long way between Moscow and St. Petersburg so make sure to get that right.

Applications must be done here:

Any Other Advantages To Fan ID?

It comes down to local transport. As mentioned above, your Fan ID will qualify for free metropolitan transport. This is service selective, meaning that fans of one nation are unlikely to share carriages with other supporters. With any luck, it ought to combat any threat of hooliganism disrupting the tournament. Make sure to check routes and timetables before the day. These are liable to change with little notice, so provide plenty of time (and some cash) to work around potential delays or lack of service.

Is Fan ID A Good Idea?

In theory, there’s a lot to be said for Fan ID. It’s set to make international tournaments a lot more accessible, but at the price of dolling out lots of personal details. Russia can be an expensive place to visit, so bypassing visa and entry fees is a good thing. Even better it should make for a much more secure tournament where we can all enjoy the games without any bother.

Whether or not it’s really worthwhile is going to be a question asked after the tournament. Surely a passport could serve pretty much the same role? Especially if linked to a ticket? We’ll have to see about that, but at least the Russian hosts are doing their best to run as safe as a tournament as possible.

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