Will other clubs follow Chelsea’s lead on YouTube?

As I’ve written earlier, I think Chelsea’s move to put video footage on YouTube is a welcome step. The big question after that was though, if other clubs would follow suit.

I know that Manchester United won’t do something similar, mainly because of what they have planned for MUTV for the coming year.

I respect United’s position on this, but the lesson to be learned from Chelsea is not that you should give away valuable content for free.

Clubs already embrace the fans that support them by buying tickets, but what about the fans that follow every single news item about their favourite club online and spend hours and hours on forums discussing this or that about the club?

Big organisations have traditionally been slow to embrace the social aspect of the Internet, and the football clubs are no different.

The next move doesn’t have to be a copy of Chelsea’s move. There is a lot clubs do to acknowledge fan support and contributions without losing money or brand value over it.

Will they? Let’s hope so…

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