Suns head coach Frank Vogel said the team’s frustration level is ‘high’ after a loss to the Clippers

Frank Vogel Suns pic
Frank Vogel Suns pic

At this point in the season, there is not a log of margin for error. Teams only have two-to-three games left in the regular season. Losses this late in the year could be the difference between missing and making the playoffs. On Tuesday night, the Suns hosted the Clippers for an important matchup. 

Phoenix has the opportunity to make the postseason without competing in the play-in tournament. A win vs. LA on Tuesday would have been massive. However, the Suns started extremely slow and they were never able to recover. Players were upset after the game knowing they could have won. Head coach Frank Vogel said the team’s level of frustration is “high.” Can the team shake it off and get a win tonight when they are in LA for the second game of a home-and-home?

Phoenix only has three games left in their 2023-24 regular season

One issue that has plagued the Suns all season long is starting slow and not being able to recover. That’s exactly what happened in their game last night vs. the Clippers. The Suns were outscored 37-10 in the first quarter and 66-33 by halftime. Phoenix would have needed a real collapse from LA to come away with a win on Tuesday night. After the game, head coach Frank Vogel addressed the media. While he admitted the team is frustrated, Vogel said that will not affect their cohesiveness.

Additionally, superstar PF Kevin Durant had some comments after the game about their loss to the Clippers. He noted that the media always is looking for someone to blame. Whether that be coaches or players. Durant said they “win or lose as a team.” That’s the right thing to say at this point in the essay from a veteran like Durant. Phoenix players can go blaming any one person right now. Playoffs are on the horizon and the team needs to be playing their best basketball.

The Suns will quickly need to brush off that loss on Tuesday vs. the Clippers. Phoenix will be in LA tonight to face the Suns in the second game of a home-and-home. Suns players know they cannot start slow again on Wednesday vs. the Clippers. It’s going to take a full team effort to beat LA. Can Phoenix bounce back and get a much-needed win to try and stay out of the play-in tournament?

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