Steven Gerrard slams Rangers’ lack of discipline


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has slammed his team’s lack of discipline this season.

The Ibrox outfit have had quite a few red cards this season and Gerrard believes that it has stopped them from achieving glory.

Speaking to the Daily Record, the Rangers boss said: “I am open to advice if anyone wants to give me any. I am sure the players are sick of listening to my record on discipline and talking about it. I think that is nine red cards over 50 games. It is crazy. If you look at our performance today and over the 90 minutes and again another discipline problem, it is probably the reason why we are not talking about success.”

Rangers have picked up 9 red cards all season and losing key players at crucial times of the season certainly hurt the team.

There is no doubt that the Rangers players need to work on their temperament and channel their aggression better on the pitch.

Rangers cannot afford to keep losing players at key stages of the season and expect to win something.

The likes of Morelos need to work on their discipline and play with more responsibility and maturity next year.

It will be interesting to see if Gerrard manages to curb his side’s aggression with time.

Rangers must learn to be more mature if they want to challenge for the top honours.

The fans will be hoping to see an improvement in the department as well and the players must step up and deliver.

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