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Soccerlens: Fans More Fickle Than Ronaldo

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Soccerlens has launched a scathing attack on football fans around the world, branding them irrational and childish.

Soccerlens owner Ahmed Bilal went so far as to call them a “senseless, directionless mob who enjoy being manipulated by the media.”

Speaking exclusively to Soccerlens (go figure) on the Ronaldo saga, Bilal questioned the loyalty of so-called Manchester United fans who had celebrated the successes brought to the club by Cristiano Ronaldo but now could not find any time for the Portuguese winger:

“Football fans are always going on and on about loyalty and how players get their heads turned too easily by their agents. These fans are f*****’ hypocrites.”

Bilal also questioned the double standards used by fans to judge players.

“Pique just went back to Barcelona this summer. He ‘WANTED’ to go back. His desire to move to Barcelona, where he gets to play for a club he’s idolised since childhood and earn more money than he would be getting at Manchester United, is no different than Ronaldo’s desire to play for Real Madrid.

For one player we wonder ‘what could have been’ and wish him good luck. For the other, we throw a fit, hate him for wanting to leave and shun him when he decides to stay? This goes beyond hypocrisy, this is as stupid as it gets.

Fans are being jerked around by a media that thrives on emotionally blackmailing its readership. And what’s worse, we’re letting them do this to us.”

When asked why Ronaldo had taken so much time to make his intentions clear, Bilal laughed off the suggestion that fans ‘deserved’ to know sooner:

“The fans? What about the club? As far as I know, Ronaldo plays for Manchester United and the club pay his wages. He owes his loyalties to the club, and as long as he’s playing for United and giving 100%, the fans should be backing him 100% as well.

People – especially those who are easily manipulated by the BS we’re spoon-fed everyday – forget that the player as well as the staff at the club were on VACATIONS during different times in the last two months. Ronaldo’s had a tough year, he’s taken his time off as he deserved, he’s then talked to the gaffer and they obviously decided that the final decision would be announced once he returned to the club.

So he goes off, has his operation, takes some time off and then comes back to the club as scheduled and says he’s responsible for the mess and that he’ll stay of his own accord and will give his 100% to the club.

Sure, you can say he has no choice, but shouldn’t actions speak louder than words? He HAD a choice – he could have thrown a tantrum and embarrassed himself and the club, but he’s dealt with it very professionally. What’s left is to get fit and then perform for the club. As long as he does that, the fans should be rooting for him, not complaining like jealous girlfriends.”

The Soccerlens owner also contrasted Ronaldo’s behavior with other leading transfer sagas of the summer:

“Look at the Gareth Barry situation. Look at how Ashley Cole and William Gallas treated their clubs when they weren’t allowed a move. Look at how Robinho’s agent is criticising Madrid. Look at how Rafael Van der Vaart offers himself to top European clubs ever summer. Look at how some of the chairmen at different clubs are behaving. Look at Adebayor, for f**** sake.

When you look at the numerous transfer sagas that have ended in acrimony, you’ll come to realise that Cristiano Ronaldo has been remarkably professional and respectful in his dealings.”

But when all is said and done, one gets the feeling that fans, fickle or not, will struggle to embrace Ronaldo as they did before. Considering how much the opposition loved to boo him, one wonders if Ronaldo will be given the same protection by United fans as before and if that will have an impact on how he plays and whether he stays long term.

When this question was put to Bilal, he pointed at Madrid’s conduct as the chief catalyst in turning fans against Ronaldo:

“They’ve stoked the fires and let everything else run its course. They knew the English press would piss itself silly trying to fill column inches on the story, and when the shit lords of UK went ahead and did exactly that, the fans’ minds were poisoned and now they just don’t care any more.

It’s a very sad state of affairs – I hope Ronaldo can win the fans back although a lot of it will depend on what happens the next time the fake Madrid come knocking.

The fans are just as, if not more, fickle than the players.”

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Editor’s Note: Ronaldo’s latest interview in full – read before you comment.

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