Smith, Woj: Ja Morant Could Be Suspended For An Entire Year

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rsz 0514 wn jamorant 1967949 640x360 1

Ja Morant spent a majority of the 2022-23 NBA season making headlines, and usually for the wrong reasons. While his team was near the top of the Western Conference Finals, the superstar point guard was often at the top of the morning sports talk shows.

Now that the season is over for the Memphis Grizzlies, Morant apparently has even more free time to get himself into hot water. On Sunday morning, video surfaced of an Instagram live stream in which Morant appears to hold up a gun while riding in a car. He has been suspended by the team indefinitely.

NBA Looking Into Long Term Suspension For Ja Morant

It is like déjà vu all over again. Back in March, Morant was again seen with a gun on Instagram live, this time in a Colorado nightclub. He was subsequently suspended, and he entered a rehabilitation program before returning for the home stretch of the season.

That incident came on the tail end of other questionable off-court behavior, including a battery charge stemming from an incident in which Morant allegedly punched a minor more than 10 times. There are also stories of him and his crew intimidating and threatening mall employees, as well as an incident involving the Indiana Pacers team bus and lasers thought to be gun scopes.

There has already been punishment handed down by the Grizzlies, but the suspension is indefinite and there is no current timetable as the league investigates. But there are strong opinions going around as the week begins, and ESPN’s Stephen A Smith is never short on them.

Morant Situation Adds To Headache For Grizzlies

On First Take on Monday, Smith said that he is hearing that Ja Morant could be suspended for the entire year. He went into depth on the situation in a 4-minute monologue, which concluded with the talk of suspension. Smith reiterated that be thought a year-long ban would be too harsh, but that he is hearing from people in the league that it could be a possibility.

Adrian Wojnarowski doubled down on these points as well. On Get Up, Woj said that Adam Silver likely won’t take this one lightly, given the problems that Morant has already had. Silver mad previously met with the point guard after his troubles back in March, and Morant gave him his word that his behavior would change.

There is plenty of time for the league to investigate the situation before the start of the 2023-24 season. But the Grizzlies will already have their hands full with roster decisions to be made over the summer, and the Morant issue will only make things more difficult.

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