Home News Liverpool’s Title Hopes in Tatters, Chelsea Dress to Impress (or Else), Legendary Football Managers, and more

Liverpool’s Title Hopes in Tatters, Chelsea Dress to Impress (or Else), Legendary Football Managers, and more



It’s Carling Cup final day, and while you get ready to root for Manchester United’s quadruple hopes to fall, here’s what you missed yesterday. Liverpool fans, I suggest you come back Monday.

Liverpool’s Topsy-Turvy Week Ends with Crushing Defeat

Draw at home to Manchester City, win at Real Madrid, lose at lowly Middlesbrough. Just another week in the tale of Liverpool Football Club.


Is It All Over for Liverpool?

Whether or not the two events are actually connected, the Premier League title race has really swung since Rafa Benitez’s infamous rant.

How Liverpool And United Have Faired Since Rafa Cracked

New-Look Chelsea Stepping Up and Shaping Up

Guus Hiddink’s arrival as manager has seen Chelsea instantly improve on the pitch, and the changes aren’t stopping there.


Football Legends: The Managers

Victor Li rounds out his Football Legends series with a look at the game’s greatest managers.


The Latest Goings-On in American Soccer

Though the David Beckham saga has dominated the headlines when it comes to American soccer recently, there’s a lot more going on. WPS jerseys – hot or hideous?


An Inside Account of the IFAB Meeting

So what is it that goes on when the rule makers get together? More than talk about sin bins and extra refs, it seems.


Win a Free Pair of Adidas Predator Boots

In need of a nice new pair of football boots? EPLTalk is giving away a free pair, so don’t miss out on your chance to win.


The Offside’s Weekend Quiz: Bad Boys

It’s quiz time over at The Offside once again, and it seems that Laurie has a thing for bad boys, eh?