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The £243m Man, More on Masal, Calderon Steps Down at Real, and more

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Apologies for the Friday roundup being a little later than usual, but I spent much of the day trying to research my ancestors and see if I have any super wealthy relatives. No such luck in my search today, but if I do find one, I have some coattails to latch on to.

Manchester City are going to need more than money to talk if they’re to push through a deal for Kaka. But if City do end up doing the record deal for Ricky (who’s always reminded me of James from American sitcom Spin City), everyone’s going to profit in a deal that could be worth more than £240m.

Manchester City will get one of the game’s biggest stars, which will benefit ticket sales, merchandising, and so on, and it would quite likely make them a bit of a better team, at least a little bit. AC Milan would get enough money to be able to add quality reinforcements throughout their squad, buy the next Kaka, and get the first option on his firstborn son. Oh, and Kaka, not as if he needs it or wants it, will be rich, rich, rich, which would be of great benefit to the organizations he donates a healthy portion of his current earnings to. On top of that, the middlemen in the deal will come away with a nice windfall as well. This can only be a good thing for everyone, right? Right?

There are many other transfer rumors (and confirmed transfers) to keep you occupied if you’re tired of hearing about Kaka. And just as interesting as Manchester City’s dreams of superstars is the story of Masal Bugduv, which we can now chalk up to an Irishman with a sense of humor (I don’t know many Irishmen, so is that a redundant statement?). Not only has the origin of the Masal Bugduv hoax been uncovered, but the Times has fessed up to their mistake. So I’m guessing he’s an ass man, no? Har, har, har.

There was a time when anything regarding Real Madrid would undoubtedly be the big story of the day, but alas, that’s not the case. However, the resignation of Ramon Calderon as Real Madrid’s president is pretty big news, at least in Spain. Is this the only shoe to drop, or will it be the first of many? More importantly to many though, will his resignation have any impact on Real Madrid’s pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo? Methinks not.

Speaking of Ronaldo, with Wayne Rooney out, it’s time for Ron to find his scoring touch again. It should be pretty easy, right? Get the ball, control, aim, fire. Wait, if it was that easy, I’d be playing the game myself, not writing about it.

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Peter Crouch made his name in the Championship with QPR and Portsmouth before going on to bigger and better things, like playing for Liverpool, representing his country, becoming adept at the robot, and dating one of the hottest women on the planet. She’s at her finest when she doesn’t have much on, but even when she’s clearly had a bit much to drink and needs to hit a bed ASAP, she still looks better than most of the rest of us. D-amn.

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