Roy Carroll and His Broken Shamrock

I’m trying to like you Roy, I really am.

It must be some lucky shamrock the Northern Ireland native has stashed away in his goalkeeping gloves. Having signed with Rangers for a year, he is vowing to fans that he is not at the team to party on drunkenly.

Though when I hear comments like (check out the article) “I decided to come up here because they have Champions League as well”, I kind of err on the side that this guy is just shadowing others for a shot at Champions League glory, which is not a problem at all, but how about you prove your place first.

Now back to the Shamrock…

If you look at his performances at Man U, that Pedro Mendes incident just resonates in every goalkeeper’s mind. Remember AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League? Red Devils fans are still cringing. He had a shocker time at West Ham to boot, being injured for a whole season, so hopefully this is a fresh start? He did play extremely well for Wigan back in 1997 through to 2001, but he never switched it on in the Premier League…it’s a totally different gig.

I think Carroll is not a “pressure” goalkeeper, what I mean by this is that some goalkeepers are great at being second choice in top flight football, but can never transition mentally into holding onto the number 1 jersey. Reserve goalkeepers are ultimately there to provide first choice goalkeepers an edge (think Cudicini and Cech, Cudicini being a fantastic goalkeeper).

This does not mean that reserve goalkeepers do not have the ability. In cases of poor performance, reserve goalkeepers whom come up to a first choice position in a top-flight team, suffer from a lack of game practice, stage fright, and living up to huge expectations from fans. These same emotions hounded Carroll at Man U.

Roy, I hope that you find a Shamrock that brings you some luck mate…following is an interview.

BIGJ writes at Keeper Skool, the only real-time goalkeeping blog on the net.

Ed’s note: Any mention of Roy Carroll cannot be made without showing this video.

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