Review Your Boots & Win a Pair of Concaves (Contest)

It’s always a pleasure announcing new contests here at Soccerlens, and, working together with Concave, I can say with confidence that we have the easiest and best contest for you awesome readers. We couldn’t have made it more simple for you to win a free pair of football boots this month. All you need is the football boots you already own, a digital camera, and a bit of writing skills!

Do you currently own a pair of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro, or any other brand of boots and would like to try out the new Concave PT+ Classics (Read my review here)? If the answer is yes, then read the rest of this post for info on how you can win it.

A little bit about Concave:

“Concave Holdings Inc was founded by a team of football fanatics and footwear experts to capitalize on a ground breaking approach to performance improvement in the beautiful game. The concept is simple: increasing the striking sweetspot by up to four times delivers measurable and remarkable improvements in power and accuracy. We have seen it in tennis, and we have seen this in golf  – why not football! Today Concave is patented in over 20 countries worldwide, and is worn by some of the world’s top players on teams in the premiership like Manchester United FC and Portsmouth. But don’t take ours or our ambassadors’ words for it – try for yourself.”

Here’s the boots you can win: Concave PT+ Classics in White

What we want you to do is write a review of your current boots, in 500 words or more. You can model your review on my Concave PT+ Classics Review. We want to know how your current pair of boots is in terms of comfort, performance, design, and your overall experience with the boots. You also should submit photos and/or videos of the boots, besides the written description.

At the end of the review you should also write why you want to win the new Concave PT+ Classics, and why you would prefer the pair to your current boots.

We’ll take the good reviews and post them online, here on Soccerlens, the world’s biggest football blog.

Send your submissions to [email protected] with your review, photos, and/or videos attached if possible.

We’re looking for original reviews which give a unique perspective of the boots you are reviewing. The winner will be chosen by a judge from Concave and your Soccerlens Staff. The winner will be chosen by the quality of their review, as well as popularity of the review.

Give us your thoughts on your current boots and win a fresh pair of the highest technology boots, worth $200, as well as recognition on the world’s biggest and best football blog!

The contest runs from August 10 until September 15. The winner will be announced on Soccerlens September 30’th.

Best of luck!
Soccerlens & Concave

*Please include your name, size of boot, and shipping address with your submitted reviews, we will keep your information private, and contact you before shipping the boots*

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