Report: Liverpool owner, chairman and FSG were shocked by the torrent of criticism the club received following initial furlough decision

Liverpool FC v Norwich City - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Norwich City - Premier League

According to The Athletic’s James Pearce, Liverpool principal owner John W Henry and FSG president Mike Gordon were shocked by the torrent of criticism the club’s initial furlough decision received from the fans and former players.

The Anfield giants weren’t planning to announce that they would furlough staff onto the Government’s job retention scheme on Saturday afternoon, but their hands were forced after the details were leaked by another Premier League club.

Liverpool had engaged in what was supposed to be confidential discussions involving top-flight sides about how they intended to handle the financial shortcomings caused bythe coronavirus pandemic, but they were left without a choice after the leak.

The decision didn’t go down well with fans, though, and it has since been reversed following the backlash.

Liverpool were set to claim around £500,000 per month had the furlough decision remained in place, and the board are said to be stung by the unfair accusations of greed they have been subjected to since Saturday.

More than a dozen executive staff at the club voluntarily took a 25% pay cut last week, and it remains to be seen when the players will follow suit as they continue their own discussions over wage reductions.

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