Premier League Tickets: 5 Clubs That Are Charging The Least In The 2023-24 Season

Premier League Tickets
Premier League Tickets

Watching a high-octane Premier League match at a buzzing stadium is probably on every soccer fan’s bucket list. However, considering the popularity of the teams playing in the division, watching a Premier League game is quite an expensive affair.

Ticket prices are dependent on a plethora of factors, such as age, category, opponent, the stands the seats are in, and, of course, demand; making it almost impossible to guess the effective ticket price for a game. However, estimates can be made based on official ticket prices, which every club release before the start of a new season. Based on the official list, here are the five clubs that are offering the cheapest tickets in the 2023-24 Premier League season.

#5 Arsenal – $34.99

Arsenal Offer One Of The Cheapest Tickets In The Premier League
Arsenal Celebrating After Scoring

Watching Arsenal in all their glory is rather inexpensive at Emirates Stadium, with ticket prices starting at just $34.99. However, to get the plushiest seat at the venue, one must spend a minimum of $126.61, which is the joint-highest (alongside Tottenham Hotspur) in the division.

The Gunners have offered great value to their fans this season, going eight games without defeat in the 2023-24 Premier League season.  Arsenal have secured six victories so far and climbed to second place in league rankings. The north Londoners only trail leaders Tottenham on goal scored (18 vs 16).

#4 Bournemouth – $34.38

Bournemouth Offer One Of The Cheapest Tickets In The Premier League
Bournemouth Are 19th In Premier League Standings

Bournemouth have been all over the place in the English Premier League this season. They have leaked goals and as well as lacked sharpness up top, resulting in an eight-game winless run in the English top flight. Bournemouth have lost five of their eight games so far, drawing the remaining three. Having accumulated just three points, they are in 19th place in the Premier League standings.

Bournemouth do offer one of the most affordable tickets in the Premier League, with prices ranging between $34.38 and $65.15. However, fans are unlikely to keep flocking to the Vitality Stadium unless they fix their act.

#3 Burnley – $30.69

Burnley Offer One Of The Cheapest Tickets In The Premier League
Burnley Are Currently In 18th Place In Premier League Standings

Burnley offer one of the most inexpensive tickets in the English Premier League, with ticket prices at Turf Moor starting at just $30.69 and going up to $73.67. However, given how poor they have been this season, fans are likely to think twice before committing.

Currently managed by Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany, Burnley have lost six of their eight Premier League matches this season, winning just once. With just four points on the board, Burnley are in 18th place in the English top-flight rankings.

#2 Chelsea – $30.69

Chelsea Offer The Second-Least Expensive Tickets In The Premier League
Chelsea Are 11th In Premier League Standings

Chelsea have not been at their best in the Premier League since last season. They finished 12th in the league in the 2022-23 season and currently find themselves in 11th place. The Stamford Bridge faithful probably would have been even more furious had they not been offering tickets for cheap this season.

The least expensive tickets at Stamford Bridge go for $30.69, which is quite reasonable considering the stadium’s prime location in west London. The most expensive tickets, on the other hand, are officially selling for $87.26.

#1 Liverpool – $11.05

Liverpool Charge The Least For Tickets In The Premier League
Liverpool Are Ranked Fourth In The Premier League The Season

One of the biggest teams in England, Liverpool are charging the least for tickets in the 2023-24 season. According to official data, ticket prices at Anfield start at just $11.05 for the 2023-24 Premier League season. However, to get the best seat in the house, one must shell out as much as $73.67.

The 19-time English champions have performed well in the Premier League this season. Playing eight games, they have secured five wins, lost once, and drawn twice. With 17 points on the board, the Reds are in fourth place in the Premier League standings.

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