Patrick Beverly Looking For $13-15 Million Per Season In Next Contract


Impending free agent point guard Patrick Beverly is seeking roughly $13-15 million per season in his next contract.


Beverly was drafted in the second round in the 2009 NBA Draft by thr Los Angeles Lakers out of the University of Arkansas. He is known for his lock-down defense on the perimeter and tends to guard the opposing teams best guard.

Beverly’s desire for a bigger contract was understandable, given his impressive track record on the court. In addition to his defensive prowess, he was also a capable play-maker and three-point shooter. He had played a key role for several teams throughout his career, including the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

He recently played for the Chicago Bulls and could be willing to go back if the price is right. Chicago might move on given his asking price being somewhat high. Beverly is probably asking for too much, however. Yes, defense is very important, but if you’re somewhat of a liability on offense, which Beverly sometimes is, then his asking price may be too much.

However, the market for point guards in the NBA can be unpredictable, and it was unclear whether Beverly would be able to secure the kind of contract he was seeking. While his skills were highly valued, his age and injury history could make some teams hesitant to invest in him long-term.

As with many contract negotiations in professional sports, Beverly and his representatives will likely engage in a back-and-forth with potential suitors, trying to find the right balance between compensation and length of contract.

Ultimately, whether Beverly was able to secure a contract worth $13-15 million per season depended on a variety of factors, including his performance on the court, the needs of potential teams, and the state of the NBA‘s salary cap.

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