Nike Website Removes The Ja Morant Signature Shoe

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rsz 0514 wn jamorant 1967949 640x360 1

The latest off-court troubles for Ja Morant have gotten him into more trouble than with just his team. From the looks of it, his endorsement deals are taking a hit as well.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced that appeared to show Morant holding a gun while riding in a car. The footage was broadcast over Instagram live, marking the second time that the superstar point guard has gotten himself into hot water while using the outlet.

Signature Shoe For Ja Morant Removed From Nike Website

Back in February, Morant was suspended for 8 games and was ordered to enter a rehab program after he was seen on Instagram holding a gun in a Colorado nightclub. It was just the latest in a growing laundry list of off-court issues that included a battery charge on a minor.

Morant spoke with NBA commissioner Adam Silver at length and assured him that his behavior would change, but apparently he has some trouble keeping his word.

The backlash this week has been as heavy as expected, as there are some calling for the league to suspend Ja Morant for half of the upcoming season due to his transgressions. It would be a blow to both the player and the league, as Morant was quickly becoming one of the young faces of the NBA.

But it might be even worse for Morant’s pockets than just the basketball contract. The point guard has a handful of endorsement deals with companies that are now having second thoughts about him being a spokesman. The status of his deal with Coca-Cola (Powerade) is unknown, but it appears that Nike has started to take measures.

One of the most popular basketball shoes on the market, the Ja 1s, is currently unavailable on Nike’s website. While there has been no official word on his future with the brand, the removal of his signature shoe should certainly be alarming. But it isn’t a complete removal just yet, as the advertisement for a colorway of Morant’s sneaker that is set to release next week still exists.

It will be a long summer for Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. He will be dealing with his off-court issues and their effects on his future, and the team has roster decisions to make before they even get to Morant. But they’ll have awhile to figure out punishments, as the 2023-24 season won’t begin until October.

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