Ajax Ban Fans From Taking Signs Asking Players For Their Shirts

Ajax v Utrecht - Eredivisie
Ajax v Utrecht - Eredivisie

Trends in football come and go, and they often divide opinion amongst fans. One new trend that seems to have most fans in agreement is signs asking for players shirts after the game.

It’s agreed by most fans that this new trend, adopted mainly by younger children, is a big no no.

Now, Dutch giants Ajax have taken the brave step of requesting fans don’t bring the signs into the stadium on match days.

The Amsterdam club have said the players are unable to fulfil all the requests from fans and that as most of made from cardboard, they’re a fire hazard.

During the recent Super Cup match between Ajax and PSV, several signs were taken off fans in an attempt to show their desire to clamp down on the signs.

A constant site in the stadium

The trend appeared to begin after the COVID-19 lockdown, as fans returned to the stadiums, they brought signs in with them. It’s something that’s sparked debate amongst fans across the world.

Despite the majority of people with the signs being children, fans don’t feel it’s the right thing for in the stadium.

You’ll often see the signs been displayed even after a defeat, a move that angers fans. A defeat is a time when fans typically let the players know how they feel about a defeat, and seeing players give out shirts post a defeat doesn’t well with many.

You also have to consider the number of fans that take signs in that are left disappointed when they see someone give a shirt to someone else, or when they’re completely ignored. It’s led to players being labelled as ‘arrogant’ for ignoring requests, something no club or player wants to see.

The decision by Ajax has been widely supported by fans across social media sites:

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